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I have a ton of emails that I was trying to get through, but it is another one of those days. My migraine is keeping me from concentrating on them. I think it's nap time. If you emailed me in the last 4 days I will get back to you when this is gone.
Be well, Dear Sister. I pray the Lord will settle His SHALOM upon your head, anointing you with frankincense.
Bummer. I hope you feel better quick.
Hope you feel better soon. I have been praying for you.
Even though I'm not feeling so hot at the moment. I had to share a couple of things that cheered me up today.

Cards of Love  (E)
Do you want to send someone a physical greeting, get well or sympathy card?
#2237476 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

Giving to others our love can make someone's day and today was my day.

Cards of Love and Valentine's gifts

I received a get well card from Soldier_Mike šŸŽŗ Thank you so much dear brother. Fable says thank you for including her as well.
I want to say thank you for the journal and pen set and the extras from my Secret Valentine whomever you may be. It was a lovely surprise and it will be used alot. ā¤

If you haven't checked out "Cards of Love Drop-in it might be something that you want to participate in as well. Put a little love in someone's life. šŸ’—ā¤šŸ’—


Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty

Here was my February entry: Honorable Mention

My Soldier Blue, I love you!  (E)
A woman is conflicted to say how she feels, "Do I dare tell him what he means to me?"
#2243418 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

I love this contest. They honor Veterans on a daily basis.
Drop-in and check it out.
Thank you for giving us a chance to honor them as well.

Thank you!

The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

Any Form

"March PROMPT"

What would this world be like without God intervening in our lives?

His love is the Greatest love ever. Too bad that Jesus had to die for us to be saved. If we could have been good to start with. Makes you wonder what life would be like if Adam and Eve had not eaten that apple to start with. It also makes you think what would life be like if Jesus had not died for us. Would we have had to continue the sacrifices of animals to cleanse our souls?

Your prompt is What would your life be like if there was no God intervening in your life and chaos was about you? Now, this is SHOW vs TELL. Show me with words! If you wish you can add scripture to it.

Here are your prompt words GOD/JESUS, CHAOS, TURMOIL, SACRIFICE/SACRIFICES, SAVE/SAVED highlight it in {GRAPE} for these beautiful old eyes of mine... lol In addition if you use a verse highlight it as well in {GRAPE}. The person or persons that do both will get an extra gift.

Please BOLD and COLOR IT in GRAPE so it stands out for my eyes, the rest in BLACK... LOL, It is much easier for me. Thank you *Heart*

Please NO more than 20 lines and make sure you read all the RULES, SORRY to repeat but sometimes you have to. I wouldn't want you to disqualify yourself. Rule # 9. Please add word count, line count, the verse used, and the prompt to the BOTTOM of your page.

I don't know if I want to even imagine a World without God. Yikes! Lol This is a big challenge, and only 20 lines. LolšŸ˜‚ I am going to have to think really hard on this one! šŸ˜‰
I want to mention these authors who entered in January.

The Lighthouse Short Story Contest  (E)
This is a faith-based contest where you can share your experiences with others.
#2229244 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

I offered to re-rate their entries, upgrade awardicons and award an MB if they did corrections to their stories. I just wanted to mention that their stories are amazing testimonies through times of great storms. You will find encouragement, strength, faith, and some of the same trials we all have experienced in our past. Here are a few I want to share with you.

1st Place:
My Anchor in Stormy Times  (E)
WINNER: Lighthouse Short Story contest January 2021
#2241086 by LightinMind

2nd Place:
My Anchor in Times Of The Storm  (13+)
January prompt for the Lighthouse Short Story Contest
#2241362 by šŸ’™ Carly - BLUE!!šŸ’™

5th Place:
Our Anchor in the Storm  (E)
How God provided for my family and I in 2020.
#2243078 by The Puppet Master

A Permanent Anchor  (E)
Contest January entry: My Anchor Holds In The Time of Storm.
#2242193 by Marvelous Friend

In Our Times of the Storm  (E)
In Our Times of the Storm for "The Lighthouse Short Story Contest"
#2242657 by Shar ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day

I do have several others that are doing their corrections and I will post them as well when I receive them.

Hugzzzz and love to all, *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart* *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

This is great. Thanks you.
Thanks for the mention. šŸ¤— Hugs and love back to ya! šŸ’•šŸ™‚
If YOU are a part of the

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo

Especially the 4year Challenge that Schnujo has challenged others to do.
You just received this sweet little baby!
Merit Badge in Lighthouse Poetry
[Click For More Info]

*^*Trophyg*^* CONGRATULATIONS *^*Trophyg*^* to all the participates in the challenge to complete all 4 years of  [Link To Item #2109126]   [Link To User schnujo]  wants to celebrate your accomplishments with a trilogy package from  [Link To Item #1742964]  and  [Link To Item #2229244]  This is #1 of 3 MB's. You are an AMAZING group of people and writers. Here's to you! *^*Heart*^*
One of Three MB's that she is giving out from "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests and "The Lighthouse Short Story Contest to the participates. Jody loves to gift her participants some really great, awesome, tremendous prizes.
If you haven't checked it out.
MAYBE YOU SHOULD well that is if you like being treated all the time.

*Trophyg*CONGRATULATIONS*Trophyg* to everyone who graduated your 4 years accomplishment of challenges from "The Contest Challenge
Thanks for the shout out! Yep! I definitely love to treat my peeps! *Bigsmile*
Here is our ANGUS Update!

I spoke to Stevie, Angus's sister today. There has been no change to report. The insurance hasn't replied to her, so I gave her a number for an attorney to get the ball rolling faster for them. Sometimes they can jump more hoops than we can because they deal with it more on a daily basis.

She wants me to tell everyone, Thank you for the prayers they are much appreciated and needed. He is still having memory problems. He can remember something then later he doesn't.

Oh, she also says to thank everyone for the cards and letters, please keep them coming. She hasn't been able to go and see him for a while now. Due to the weather in Texas that hit a few weeks ago and covid of course has played a part in it. She has been calling him and talking to him on the phone.

The family appreciates the love that we show him. Please, let's keep them cards coming to him and remind him of the things you used to talk about. Anything that can help with his recovery.

Hugzzzz and love,
OH THANKS for posting an update! Can I have an address to send a card to please? Thanks again, nice to be in the loop
Could you please let me know the address so I can share it with "The Snail Mail Group? We'd love to send him some mail.

The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

I had only three entries for February, meaning that there was only one WINNER! *Trophyg*
God So Loves The World  (E)
Poem written for prompt of Godā€™s love, based on John 3:16
#2244031 by Marvelous Friend

Not to say the other two weren't mention-worthy. You guys sure make it hard to choose a winner most of the time.

Thank you so much for your time, support, and sharing your work with me.

Hugzzzzz and love,


Announcing new Prompt:

The Lighthouse Short Story Contest  (E)
This is a faith-based contest where you can share your experiences with others.
#2229244 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—

Lighthouses have always lead the lost home even in the darkest of nights.

Short Story 1000 words or less


"What verse do you use to get you through those tough times? "
Drop-in and check out the whole prompt!

Hope you have a fabulous March peeps!
I needed to post a couple of things here then I'm going to go lay back down. If you have emailed me or replied to my post these past few days I will answer them when I am feeling better. Please, don't think I'm ignoring you by any means.

I am in a lot of pain and it is hard to sit up for any period of time. So, I will be posting here and there when I am up to sitting for a few minutes. It is hard to do anything around the house as well. I'm glad that Fable is a very loving dog. She rewards me with so much love as I do her.

I can't wait until I can find a house with a fenced yard so she can run around in circles as much as she wants. *Laugh*

Here is the post I need to give to those who wanted to enter

The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMaskšŸ’—


You need to get your entries in before MIDNIGHT...
You snooze you lose!

Gotta go, until later GATORS!