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"Fable's Grey Report

It even comes with pictures... *Bigsmile*

I know how you feel, Dottie saw a cat yesterday or the day before and she went crazy, I saw her looking at something until I noticed the dumb cat was looking straight at Dottie. Australian shepherds and Border Collies have that herding instinct so it would be hard to take that out of them but I have been told we can train them to reduce their herding instinct. I can understand the frustration.

Spoke to Rhoswen - Goal Reacher tonight. She's having some health issues and will not be able to get much done and will not be on WdC for awhile. She needs our prayers and thoughts right now. Please, let me know if you need to get ahold of her and I'll pass it along.
Thank you in advance. 💗❤💗
Prayers and good vibes coming your way, Rhoswen - Goal Reacher Stay strong.
I have prayed. *Heart*
She’s prayerfully on my heart.
DON"T forget DEADLINES for most CONTEST are tonight!

The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMasK❤

It runs to the 15th of each month now. Drop-in and check out the prompt.
That dog y’all... he’s so cute!
This is very true. "Roots & Wings Contest CONTEST IS OPEN is an exception, too.
FABLE is like MOMMY!!!

So, looking for ATTENTION everytime I get on my laptop.
It's break time for her, I guess I will follow along to make sure she doesn't chase the many cats my neighbor has *Cat2* *Dog2* *Cat* ...*Rolling* ah she doesn't play well. *Shock2*
Aw. Well she’s still a cutie
Still think that is the coolest name for a pup.
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Life through my Eyes:
         "Just in case you get the virus and develop symptoms....

ATTENTION EVERYONE please read this is great advice from my cousin who is a retired respiratory therapist.
Will do, Captain!
Fable is like you want to do what?

To my EARS!

It's been a LONG 2 days...

Her ear infections are back again. This Mississippi humidity is taking its toll on my baby girl and me. I have no idea what to do to keep her ears protected from it. I have to put plugs in mine at night. I know that I can't do that to hers. I can't afford another visit to the vet. I am waiting to hear back from the vet. I feel sorry for her because I know what it's like to have an ear infection. That's why I have to wear plugs in mine at night because it seems to get worse during the night. She shakes her head almost all night long, keeping us both awake. She's asleep now, and I can't sleep and is typical when you have someone sick.

NOTE: Just got off the phone with the vet. She believes that it is allergy-related and gave me some options to follow and see how she reacts to them. If not I will need to bring her back in to do testing and treatments in a week. *Headbang* In need of prayers to heal her little beautiful ears.

Eeek. I hope she gets better soon!
Thank you everyone for your *Heart* love *Heart*, Fable and I appreciate them very much.
I had an American Bull Dog who was prone to ear infections, and I live in semi-arid Colorado. I know that floppy-eared dogs are more susceptible, and there are some dogs that just get them a lot. I found that the cleaner I kept his ears, the less often he got infections. Getting all that yucky wax out is no fun, but it helps. I even did an ear lavage on this dog a few times. In case you aren't familiar with what that is, it is when you squirt water in the ear to flush out the yuck. I learned the hard way that this needs to be done in the shower or possibly outside, lol

A very nice afternoon surprise in my email.

The Anonymous Prankster is loose! Muah-ha-ha!

Thank you, Anonymous for the gp's. They are much appreciated.


The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMasK❤

If you haven't NOTICED it has MOVED to the 15th. of each month, NOW! I'm hoping to get a better response and get more entries. Everyone has theirs start and end on the 1st. of each month. I thought I'd change it up and see what happens.

~~~Drop in and check it out. I have a few surprises in the mix.~~~

Free Verse


"Being YOKED with JESUS"

How are you Yoked with Jesus, if not, How can you become Yoked to Jesus? Use this video https://youtu.be/ocq_R3wr2q8 it explains how we are yoked with Him and how we can become yoked to Jesus. Reference verse: Matthew 11: 28-30; Use "Yoked with Jesus" in your poem and highlight it in grape, so you're not disqualified.

Please BOLD and HIGHLIGHT "Yoked with Jesus" in GRAPE so it stands out for my eyes, the rest in BLACK... LOL, It is much easier for me. Thank you *Heart*

Please NO more than 25 lines and make sure you read all the RULES, SORRY to repeat but sometimes you just have to. I just don't want you to disqualify yourself. RULE #9. Please add word count, line count, the verse used, and the prompt to the BOTTOM of your page.


You will see that I have changed up the entry and closing dates for the contest. I am hoping that this will be a more suitable timeframe for all. I look forward to your entries. Thank you for your time and support to "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests

I hope everyone has an AMAZING day!

Awesome! I can’t wait to see what everyone writes
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Life through my Eyes:
         "Thankful to be Alive!
Equally thankful you're alive! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*