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Review of The Dunk Tank  
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
This is a great idea for a fundraiser, and 55 words is a great cause! *Smile*
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
These are fantastic! I'm bookmarking this one for later use! *Smirk*
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Great start...now keep going! *Bigsmile*

"park in front of the Millers’ house"
It should be "Miller's".

"just outside of the cordoned off area"
I would use "cordoned-off".

"woman who seemed to tower over him"
Did she tower over the slightly built man, or the State Trooper?

"now not only was his excavation being taken away from him, he wasn’t even permitted to be in the area"
The rest is in past tense, so you may need to reword this to make it consistent.

"The Chief Collins caught the trooper’s eye"
You don't need the 1st "the".

"I called, instinctively reaching up to smooth my eyebrows"
I'm not sure I'd use "instinctively" here, maybe "absently"?

"Dad’s oven mitted hands were holding"
I'd say "oven-mitted".

I suppose I should mention that my parents are writers. Separately, they are Nate and Hannah Waxman. Together they are bestselling romance author Anastasia Candlewick. I have a really hard time reading their stuff. I mean, they’re excellent writers, they really are. It’s just that I’d prefer not to think about them in that way.
Having this section in present tense kind of pulled me out a bit, since the rest is past tense.

"Dad started unloaded the bags"
It should be "unloading".

"takeout bag from Opa. I stand corrected."
There's that present tense sneaking in again!

"I adore Rachel, but she’s the biggest gossip in town. And since she works at the local salon, she has a lot of time to spend chatting with customers."
Present tense...

"I regretted my decision, during the 5 second dash to my car."
I'd remove the comma and spell out "five".

"It seems that Rachel wasn’t the only one"
Present tense
Review of The Rial truth  
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
"some two bit kid had dropped"
I think it should be "two-bit", but I could be wrong.

"I drove by Burger King, and the cent gave me a yen for a quarter pounder and fries."
I'm not sure if Burger King is a pun, but quarter pounder made me think McDonald's.

"and a chased it down with a Corona"
You shouldn't have "a" before "chased".

I particularly like the response to the letter! *Wink*
Review of Replaced  
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
"Her café au lait skin paled due to lack of sun exposure."
This sounds like it grows more pale as she looks at her reflection. Maybe, "Her cafe au lait skin had paled over the years due to..."

"Like the signature on the clone, there were only differences between them"
This confused me, "there were only differences"...should it be "these were the only differences"? And is it the signature that's on her wrist?

"She stalked the night in search of prey.
What's the pound sign for? Is it a section break? You may want to use more than one of them, if it is. I'd heard that general convention was 3 asterisks, separated by single spaces, centered on the page.

"Moiré saw the nameless drones identified by number on the back of their coveralls."
It should be "numbers".

“How does that effect your job loads?” Moiré did her best to sound curious instead of scandalized.
It should be "affect your job loads".

"Well, brainpower mostly, but sometimes the illegals skimp on the body, too. There aren’t tests to do without destroying them, so it’s difficult to prove if the delivered clone will really last as long as the warranty specifies. It’s stricter in the illegal market."
This kind of confused me. Should it be the legals that skimp on the body? The way it's written, with illegals skimping, doesn't make sense to me when you then say "It's stricter in the illegal market."

"She fumbled with the keys in her purse, wondering if he expected to come in. He kissed her."
That's a bit brusque for a first kiss, especially the first direct physical contact this clone has ever had with a human.

"He closed the door behind him."
At first, I thought he came in with her. You may want to make it clear here that he stayed outside, and left after closing the door.

"Her choices ranged science fiction, action, romantic comedy and a children’s animated feature."
It should be "choices ranged from..."

"Aware of his presence through the film, she tried to pay attention to it rather than Patrick."
It sounds like "it" in this sentence refers to "his presence". You may want to rearrange the structure to clear that up.

"Rachel’s eyes narrowed in fury. She strode from the room, startling Moiré, and locked the door behind her. “You’ll stay in there until I take care of this.” Confusion crossed Rachel’s face as she realized she had only moved her face. Her words echoed from a whisper through her lips and the speakers attached to the monitor that provided the window into Cyberia."
I don't understand this paragraph.

"Logan put his arm around Moiré. “I wanted to tell you, but.”
That should be an ellipsis at the end.

"She did not know to span the differences between them"
Should that be "did not know how to span"?

The last dialogue exchange is off. If you follow the speaker down, it wouldn't be Moire talking about Rachel's life support being disconnected. I don't think you need the judge's reaction to actually appear. It's fairly easy to guess his reaction from their statements in the camp, and from the general context of the story. I don't feel like I got much of an idea of what this society is like, though. I feel like that's missing. I can guess it's in the future based on the technology, but is it our future? Where and when does it take place?
Review of The Heir  
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Very interesting. Is this intended to be Chapter 1 of a novel? I'm intrigued about what changes she implements, and how Cohen's mother tries to thwart her. I'm also interested in her past and the changes she's made. And there's a divorce in there somewhere that wasn't from Cohen, right? There are a lot of unanswered questions in this piece that could be answered in a novel. I'm also looking forward to your NaNo "prequel" novel!

"CE’s been calling everyone to figure out who the heir is."
I didn't realize until later that CE referred to Cohen Enterprises.

“It’s not like Cohen will be there,” Paris said.
“I know that,” Sibyl said.
“You look good,” Paris said.
“Thanks,” Sibyl said.
You don't need the tag lines on every one of these, just enough so the reader can follow the conversation. There are several spots of dialogue in this piece that could be strengthened by removing some of these tags, or using action phrases instead of "so-and-so said".

"“How long ago did you know Mr. Cohen?” Lucas stared"
Missing period at the end.

"When Sibyl had left, she stopped talking about Cohen and her friends had respected that decision."
I thought at first that she'd left the room. I would say "left CE" to make it clearer.

"She sighed. Sibyl didn’t like her bedside manner."
I thought at first that Sibyl sighed, not the doctor.

"“He hated it that name, Mother,” Iola said."
Take out "it".

"At the very bottom in a large lump envelope"
Should that be "lumpy"?
Review of One Little Toad  
Rated: E | (4.5)
"Three little seeds, turning into weeds"
I don't know about you, but I don't look fondly at most weeds. I would use something more positive, were it me.

"Six little voles, digging up some holes"
I know a vole is, but do most people? I'd personally use "mole" instead.

"Eight little llamas, looking for their mamas"
Okay, I actually giggled out loud at that one. That'd be a very cute illustration!

"Ten little sheep, falling fast asleep"
That makes it work as a "learn to count" book, and a bedtime story. Nice job! I can't wait for the illustrations! *Smirk*
Review of Treat or Trick?  
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
"Was he reading my mind?"
I'd keep this present tense and say "Is he reading..."

"Rage, fear, Hunger, desire, panic, loneliness."
Since the Hunger is so important to this story, I wouldn't put it in this jumble of other emotions. I'd keep it separate.

This is a good start, but I feel like I'm missing Kyle's motivation to turn Lisa. Why wouldn't he have turned Kate? What makes Lisa so different? Also, you've made it clear that Lisa has an aversion to the site of blood. I would play that up. I can see this continuing into a longer work, with Lisa's struggle between the Hunger and her total aversion to blood. She would be a very unconventional vampire!
Rated: ASR | (4.5)
"quivered on her fingertip where she'd been bit"
It should be "bitten".

"Sarah's mouth fell open in stunned disbelieve."
It should be "disbelief".

"patting the girl on the back and ignoring Sarah all together."
It should be "altogether".

Okay, that ending is rather chilling. I love your descriptions and turns of phrases. You have such a way with words! I'm very glad I had the chance to read this piece.
Review of Getting Published  
Rated: E | (4.5)
Thank you very much for this article. This is really great real-world information for all of us who hope, someday, to see our names on a byline or the cover of a book. I'm adding this to My Favorites for future reference!
Rated: E | (4.0)
Cute! While you spelled the name of the city correctly in the title, you misspelled it both times you used it in the poem itself. *Wink*
Review of Mirrors  
Rated: ASR | (4.0)
"In the corner of the shower, the vapors swirled as if being displaced by something that moved through it."
Vapors is plural, so it should be "displaced by something that moved through them".

"clear and reflecting a young teenagers bedroom"
You need an apostrophe in "teenager's".

"But every now again, a swirling entity"
It should be "every now and again", right?

Ooo, spooky little tale! I've always hated walking past mirrors in dim lighting, because I always think I see something! *Laugh*
Review of No Good At All  
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
This is a review for "Invalid Item

It would be easier for all users here to read your work if you use a blank line between paragraphs. It's not necessary, but some with eyesight problems have an easier time reading with the spacing. You may get more reviews that way.

"having found their expectation to have been a foot too high in regards to the placement of Pascal’s head"
Very good phrasing here.

"There was a mild pause, then a beep."
I'm not sure that a pause can be mild.

"Mooky handed Pascal a pair of folded plaid boxer shorts, picked up a white undershirt, and went back to folding."
Ooooo, hit men who assist with laundry! *Laugh*

" didn’t realize that I so little left to eat"
It should be "that I had so little".

"Mooky and myself have often had very little money on which to eat with"
Isn't Mooky the one talking? I had the impression that Dubo doesn't speak...

"Pascal yelped at Dubo cracked his knuckles and grabbed him by the shoulders"
It should be "yelped as Dubo".

I like how formal Mooky's speech is, and how he always uses his boss's full name. And all for $14 in late library fees. The end twist was good, too! *Wink*
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
"The physical changes were with me, since I’d had similar exercises that I was building on. It changed to something deeper, and then it changed more than just my physical state of being."
I think I know what you're saying here, but it's not quite as clear as I'd like. Other than that, I can't see any problems. And I am inspired. I really should try yoga myself, one of these days...I just need to walk a few blocks up the street and sign up!
Rated: ASR | (4.0)
This review is for "Invalid Item

"That would sound something like a cat chewing a sweater whilst sliding, claws out, down an aluminum blackboard."
Interesting visual! *Wink*

"A Hobbit sized woman with a dirt flecked face, set in mid scream, is suspended by a rope fifty feet in to the air beneath a canopy of trees."
I would use hyphens in "Hobbit-sized", "dirt-flecked", and "mid-scream". I would also just say "fifty feet in the air".

"The pine needled floor below will not be a soft landing even compared with the roughly hewn cargo net dead ahead."
Again, I'd use a hypen: "pine-needled". I think of wood as being "hewn", not something made of fibers, like a net. Perhaps "roughly woven cargo net"?

"instant of realisation Time resumes it's persistent course"
It should be "its", without the apostrophe.

"feather light weight to the top off a woodland platform"
It should be "feather-light" and "of a woodland".

You should have a period here.

"pull my remaining arm from it's shoulder socket"
It should be "its".

"Legs flaying in an epelectic dance I hit the net."
It should be, "Legs flailing in an epileptic dance, I hit the net."

"I would gladly hold on by my teeth, ears, eyeballs and hair than let go off that net and now that I've made it I'm wondering"
I would say, "I would gladly rather hold on...than let go of that net, and now that I've made it, I'm wondering..."

"crosses a white watered river"
It should be "white-watered".

"It's only as I near the bottom that wonder"
It should be "neat the bottom that I wonder".
Review of Cold  
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
Wow, great little story, Goth! Now I'm going to be wondering for a while exactly who was in the freezer with him! Just a couple things I noticed:

"I should have remembered there isn’t an indoor handle."
I would either say "inside handle" or "a handle on the inside".

"but now that’s the last concern I have."
I would say "that's the least of my concerns".

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **
Review of Outback Honeymoon  
Rated: ASR | (4.5)
"Blistering with stars so brilliant it almost hurt to look at them."
I love this description!

Can you imagine telling this tale to your kids, your grandkids? This is the kind of stuff that becomes family legend! *Bigsmile*
Review of First Date  
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
NO! No Hello Kitty! I'm not sure I understand how the snakes even came in there...they don't seem to be compatible with someone that obsessed with Hello Kitty...which makes it all the more horrible!
Review of The Wall  
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
I didn't know you could get so much into 55 words, but this is chilling!
Rated: 18+ | (4.0)
I actually sang along in my head as I read this. Great parody, Cowser Soze! *Bigsmile*
for entry "Native Prairie
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
Wow, that is beautiful! I could almost hear those tall grasses rustling in the wind. No traffic, no city lights, no voices; just me and Mother Earth. I love how you've insinuated the Native American element, too. The only issue I saw is: "Rustling of winds music to my ears". It should probably be "wind's".
Review of Thomas' Pain  
Rated: ASR | (4.5)
Funny!...sorry, that's all I can say about this thing! *Bigsmile*
Review of Dear Amy  
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
Keep up the good work with your wonderful advice!
Review of For A Genius...  
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
This is a very powerful piece. It shows quite clearly the invincible attitude that most teenagers, especially boys, seem to have. Most don't have their innocence shattered this way. "Seventeen years of self-deception flowed from me in that salty concoction; hubris had been proven a lie." Very powerful.

"I’m just saying that you should sell your sunglasses, buddy."
Shouldn't it be "that you shouldn't sell your"?

"struck my head onto the dashboard"
It should be "on" instead of "onto".
Review of The Last Blaze  
Rated: E | (3.5)
From the title, I was hoping this wouldn't have a tragic ending...and it didn't! Good job!

"This was his last few minutes on the job"
Since "minutes" is plural, I would say, "These were is last few...".

"Giving so much of his time to his job"
Since his career is ending, this should be past tense, something like, "Since he gave so much of his time...".

"fire department better stand by just in case, but this was was a new one"
You have "was" twice.
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