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All of us have a little evil, mischief, and goodness in us. How good are you?

We all like to think of ourselves as good, moral people. And I like to think that we all are good upstanding citizens. But, how good are you? Do you find yourself in shades of grey? Entertaining grandiose crime schemes? Are you truly a paragon of virtue? This test will not really hold the answer....but it should be fun!!!!

So give it try, answer truthfully, and enjoy!
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1. Stinky Baby!:
 You are watching your friend's baby. About an hour before they are going to pick up the little angel, she poops in her diaper. It's smelly! You can smell her from across the room. It's nasty! Do you change the diaper?
       No, I would wait for the Mom to change it, it's only an hour away.        
       Of course! What kind of monster wouldn't change it? Ever heard of child abuse?        
       I'd hose the baby down with the garden hose...        
       Yes, I love babies. The smell of poo in the morning is my favorite smell.        
       Of course not! That's nasty! I'd call my mom and have her come over just to change the diaper.        
       I'd change the diaper once, but if it happened again the baby would be on it's own!        
       I'd put the baby in the crib and pretend like it never happened.        
2. Little white lie?:
 You're best friend in the whole world just got her hair cut. She looks horrible! The hair cut isn't even, the new color is the color of rust, and her hair is all frizzed out. She smiles and asks what you think...
       You kindly tell her that it looks bad and tell her the name of someone to fix it        
       Smile and avoid the question        
       Tell her the truth as bluntly as you can...she asked for it        
       Tell her she looks great! You love the new hair do!        
       Laugh in her face and tell her that not only does she look horrible but that you also think she gained five pounds.        
3. Honor in the work place:
 You are scheduled to get off at five. You've had all your breaks already, but are going to leave early do you....
       Fill out an accurate time clock        
       Write down that you left at five...what's the big deal?        
       Ha! You've already had about a million breaks and have napped through your day...who cares if you put down five o'clock?        
       Call your boss, ask permission, and then fill out an accurate time clock        
       It's a moot point. You already called in sick for that day...it was just too sunny to work.        
4. How funny is this?:
 Your best friend slips and falls infront of a large crowd. Because the ground was wet she now has a wet butt and will have to walk around like that all day.
       That's horrible! You feel so bad for your friend and don't understand why people are laughing        
       You feel bad because she could have hurt her self, but you do find your self smiling at her wet butt        
       You point and laugh hysterically calling attention to it the rest of the day        
       You laugh but then help her up and offer her your sweater to cover the wet butt        
       Ha! Not only did you laugh, but you took pictures and are selling them to everyone        
5. Is your halo held up by horns?:
 You are handed back incorrect change by a cashier. Instead of getting back five dollars you got back ten. What do you do?
       Take the change! It's your lucky day!!!        
       Hesitate, but figure that you could really use that money...        
       Hesitate, but you tell the cashier there was a mistake.        
       That money isn't yours! You hand it back without thinking about it.        
6. Do you follow the law?:
 You get in your car. When do you put on your seat belt?
       Right away. It's habit.        
       NEVER!!! I don't believe in seatbelts.        
       after I've pulled out of the driveway and am driving on the road        
       when I see a Police car in view        
7. Are you polite?:
 You walk into a building and notice an elderly lady walking towards the door. Do you wait to hold the door open for her?
       Of course! She's elderly and deserves a bit of courtesy        
       Well....I would hold it if she was close, but if I had to wait too long, then no.        
       Yep, and I'd say hello when she walked by too.        
       No way! old people smell gross and walk slow.        
8. Are you meek?:
 Your boss is lecturing you in front of everyone on a matter that you had nothing to do with. What do you do?
       Defend yourself in a respectful manner        
       Argue with him- you didn't do anything wrong        
       Quietly take the council, you'll probably apply it in the future        
       Get in his face and show a little attitude- no one speaks to you like that!        
       Ask for his home address and remember to burglarize it later that night        
9. Uh oh.... sex:
 how long did you wait to have sex?
       My first time was with some dude (or girl) in the back seat of my first car. I don't remember their name....        
       It was magical- My first time was with my true love after we'd been dating for a year        
       I waited till I got married just like my momma told me to        
       Until I was engaged to my future mate        
       I waited till I found someone special. I still remember it, although I'm no longer with them.        
       What's sex??        
       I hold the record for the youngest sexually active person...Momma aint so proud        
10. Fire!!!!!! Save the kitties!:
 The house across the street is on fire! You know that residents are out of town, but you also know that they have a beloved cat, named Whiskers, in that house. What do you do?
       Call 911 and let the experts handle it        
       A neighbor will call 911 don't worry about it        
       Grab a lawn chair and watch it burn        
       Run in there and save the poor kitty! It's a living thing and deserves a rescue        
       Call 911 and try to help in any way that doesn't involve risking your life. it's just a dumb cat        
11. Natural disaster...will it turn you into a crook?:
 Your city is ravaged by a natural disaster. Many have fled already but you are still at home. You are really thirsty and the only available water is at the unmanned store. What do you do?
       Grab a water bottle and put money in the till.        
       Grab water and whatever else you need, you'll pay them back later        
       Free stuff! Your city has been destroyed, you deserve a free break! Is there a big screen tv anywhere?        
       You need water to survive. Take the water but nothing else.        
       Yay! A life of crime is just what you've always dreamed about! Looting is such fun!        
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