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Item #12345
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Item #12345
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Writing.Com Gift Points (GPs) are "virtual tokens" used within the site to advertise items and links, purchase products and memberships or show another member your sincere appreciation. Basically, Gift Points are like the tokens you buy in an arcade. You put a dollar in the change machine; you receive 4 tokens. At most arcades, each token is worth 25 cents. Here at Writing.Com, if you give us a dollar, we give you 10,000 Gift Points. For more information, please see: "Gift Points
Check the box beside the Points package(s) you'd like:
    You may check more than one Gift Points package.
    100,000 for $ 10.00
    250,000 for $ 25.00
    500,000 for $ 50.00
    1,000,000 for $100.00
    2,500,000 for $250.00
    5,000,000 for $500.00

Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/shop/item_id/12345/cat/Gift_Points