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Item #12345
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Item #12345
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 Mug: Writing.Com Travel   #10677
Our stylin' Writing.Com travel mug is the perfect mug for any writer.
    Your Price: $9.95
 Magnetic Poetry: Unicorn Lover   #9241
Express yourself with this Unicorn Lover kit.
    Your Price: $12.95
 Magnetic Poetry: Edgar Allen Poet Kit   #9240
Express yourself with this poet's kit.
    Your Price: $12.95
 Little Box of Awesome   #9239
A cute little tin filled with totally awesome words.
    Your Price: $5.95
 Little Box of Happiness   #9238
A cute little tin filled with happy words.
    Your Price: $5.95
 Little Box of Peace   #9237
A cute little tin filled with words of peace.
    Your Price: $5.95
 Pin: Writing.Com 2016   #9236
The official Writing.Com 2016 lapel pin! Measures 1.25" Wide.
    Our Price: $6.95    SALE: -$1.74 (25%)
    Your Price: $5.21 (or 52,125 GPs)
 Pencil & Book Bracelet   #8095
A beautiful bracelet for writers, editors, publishers or teachers! Sterling silver plated bangle bracelet with a pencil and open book charm.
    Your Price: $19.95
 Cork Board Journal   #8094
As unique as it is functional!
    Your Price: $10.95
 Writing.Com Corrugated Journal   #8092
Handcrafted journal with corrugated covers and spiral binding.
    Your Price: $9.00
 Writing.Com Handcrafted Journal   #8091
Handcrafted journal with hard covers, handmade paper wrap and button/twine enclosure.
    Your Price: $9.00
 Writing.Com Magnets   #8090
Three-pack of Writing.Com magnets
    Your Price: $3.50
 Delete Eraser   #8088
Erase using your "Delete" button!
    Your Price: $2.95
 Writing.Com Erasers   #8087
Set of three great erasers with your favorite writing community logo!
    Your Price: $3.95
 Confessions of a Writer (Cards & Envelopes)   #8086
Writing.Com's "Confessions of a Writer" series in card form!
    Your Price: $10.95
 Graphic Colored Pencils   #8085
Set of 12 colored pencils and 1 HB pencil presented in a colorful design!
    Your Price: $4.95
 Bookplates   #8084
Beautiful bookplates for your favorite books.
    Your Price: $5.95
 Pushpin Clips   #8083
Organize and secure your papers to your corkboard.
    Your Price: $4.95
 Iron Paper Clips   #8082
Cool shaped iron clips for your paper.
    Your Price: $4.95
 Pico Pad Refills   #8081
Refill your pico pad!
    Your Price: $5.95
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/shop/item_id/12345/type/new