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Welcome letter to group members of Flight of Fancy.
Welcome, friend, to Flight of Fancy!

Here, you can meet fellow travelers, like yourself, and have a mug of ale, too, at "Tavern of Unholy Alliances.

You can weave and spin your tales while listening to others open new worlds for you in "The Leatherbound Pages.

Or, become a completely different person, elf, dwarf or something entirely different in a new world, "Cove of the Oak.

Fly off to the stars and forge great battles, discover new planets or destroy old ones, "The Infinite Nebula Star.

Wake your Muse and have her do your bidding through our creative sessions, "The Dwarven Sword, The Elven Arrow.

The rollplay forums are completely under way and are fast paced and fun so come on in and introduce yourself. You are welcome here.

Sig for flight of fancy

Feel free to use this image to spread the word about our group!
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