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while baby sitting cream the gang end up playing an unusual game of spin the bottle.
The chaos of the bottle

Cream yawned and climbed merrily out of bed, dressed as usual in her pyjamas. Rubbing her eyes she crossed her room to the door and went downstairs for breakfast. After she had made her cereal she saw a note on the table. Picking it up she read it.

Dear cream

I have to go out of town for the week. Don’t worry there is plenty of food in the fridge and you're friends have promised to look after you while I’m gone.


Just then there was a ring on the door. Leaving her cereal she ran over to the door.
"Who is it?" she asked.
"It’s us." Amy’s voice muffled through the door.
Reaching up high on her toes cream opened the lock and opened the door.
there stood Amy, rogue sonic and tails, all of whom were carrying sleeping bags and other assorted items under there arms.
"We came prepared." sonic said.
"With games Tails added." who cream noticed was carrying allot of cool looking hardware in several bags, held in both his arms and with his tail.

Stepping out the way Cream let them in and closed the door. Once the gang dumped there stuff while cream ran upstairs to get dressed.

When she came back down sonic was watching telly, tails was fiddling with his equipment and rogue was playing with tails VR headset. Only Amy seemed interested in cream, but after a while she got board and sat next to sonic, who violently objected to this.

By the end of the day cream was decidedly board, and walking straight into the middle of the living room where everyone was sitting said so.

"I'm board."
All attention was now on her.
"Well what do you want to do?" sonic asked turning off the TV.
"Play a game."
"What do you want to play? Well play anything you want to." Amy said.
"I'm not playing any sissy games like dolls." Sonic butt in.
Amy looked at sonic sternly and then at cream.

A quiet silence fell across the room.
Cream thought to herself. What to play? She wasn’t sure what sonic would call a sissy game. She thought for a bit more... maybe something teenagers play. And as far as she knew the only thing teenagers played was.

"Spin the bottle."

There was a look of surprise from everyone, but after a few inquisitive questions such as "are you sure." and "are you really sure." it was eventually agreed, much to creams delight. Clapping her hands with glee she ran off upstairs saying. "I'll go get everything ready."

The bottle was easy to find. She simply finished off the bottle of cola from the fridge, but she would need something to spin it on and only one thing came to mind. Her hidden treasure, a large multi coloured jem she had found in the park some months previous.
Running upstairs she soon retrieved it from its hiding place and ran back downstairs shouting happily that she had everything.

Resigning them selves to joining in the gang put down what they were doing and sat round in a circle as cream placed the jem upside down and placed the bottle on the point, where it stayed perfectly balanced seemingly by magic. A fact not lost on any of the gang apart from cream as they looked underneath to see what was holding it so steady.
Rogue pointed to the jem and said "say isn’t that a chaos emerald?"
Tails was about to answer when cream spoke up.
"No. Its my hidden treasure, cool isn’t it." cream said. It'll balance anything." she looked up. "who wants to go first."
"Do you know how this works?" Amy asked.
"Sure. You spin the bottle, then... erm"
Sonic sighed. "Then who ever its pointing at has to choose either a truth or a dare. Then the spinner tells them what to do or answer. Hear I'll show you."

Sonic reached forwards and span the bottle.

It span remarkably well without even a wobble till eventually it came to a gradual halt facing cream.... Cream said nothing.
"Truth or dare." sonic prompted.
"erm... truth." cream replied.
"Ok, now whatever I ask, you can’t lie, ok?"
Cream nodded.
"What’s you're favourite thing to do?"
"Play games. Do I spin the bottle now?"
"Yes" came the general reply.

Reaching forward Cream span the bottle, which eventually stopped on tails.
"Dare. He said."
"er... what do I do now?"
Tails rolled his eyes and groaned "you have to tell me to do something, I wouldn’t normally do and I have to do it, whatever it is."
“Even something you wouldn’t want to do?”
"Ok... then erm... Kiss sonic."

The look on tails face was one of horror.
"Ah no way. That’s gross."
Just then he seemed to freeze for an instant before turning to sonic and grabbed his head and advanced towards him. Sonic tried vainly to fight him off but tails simply kissed him on the lips. Sonic suddenly mumbled in horror as tails tilted his head sideways, causing sonic to fight with renewed vigour. then suddenly tails wripped himself away and gagged. and rubbed his tongue clean with his hand. sonic on the other hand looked mortified. He pointed accusingly at tails
"Full on the mouth! you kissed me full on the mouth what's wrong with you?"
"I-I don’t know. I-I don’t know. I - just sort of had to."

Both Amy and rogue were thurally enjoying the special, and this enjoyment rubbed off on cream, who smiling broadly span the bottle again. Which landed between Amy and rogue. Tails objected that it had been his turn but no one seemed to care.
"Truth or dare?" cream asked.
Amy replied truth and rogue replied dare at the same instant.
Cream thought for a moment, but tails gave the order

"I dare you both to swap you're clothes in front of us and tell us how it feels."

"If you think were doing that then you've got another thing coming." rogue said
"Yeah. There’s no way on earth that I'll ever swap shirts with..."
they both seemed to freeze for an instant before they both stood up and in front of everyone started stripping off there clothes and placing them at the others feet. They didn’t stop at underwear either, as each removed there bra's and then there knickers. Now completely and utterly naked they bent over and started to dress in the others clothes. at the end of it all Amy was swamped by the exes room for her bosoms in rogues clothes where as rogue was left with Amy’s bra tucked underneath her much larger bosoms, which she couldn’t get to fit under Amy’s top. As a result her ample bosoms were left hanging in the open air for everyone to see. all of a sudden both girls screamed. Amy hid her face, but rogue hid her boobs. there panicked babble of oh my god's and I cant believe we did that only increased the amusement of the others.
Rogue turned to tails.
"You think this is funny do you?" and she jiggled her partially concealed bosoms.
Tails grinned broadly and tried vainly to conceal a snigger.

Infuriated Rogue kicked the bottle causing it to spin wildly.
"Then I dare you to grow up!" she spat at tails
The bottle stopped suddenly facing cream.
She looked up and muttered the words "erm." before suddenly freezing.

A sudden cramp in her stomach caused Cream to bend over and clutch her stomach. Then a strange uncomfortable stretching feeling crossed through her entire body. A sensation that grew stronger and stronger. Suddenly she realized her clothes were getting tighter around her. they were cutting into her, her feet waist and chest feeling increasingly squashed until finally her shoes burst, her socks ripped open, her skirt taw down the hem and her knickers popped off, leaving only her shirt, which in increasing pain she pulled off and over her head. As the stretching feelings slowly subsided Cream let go of her tummy and breathing hard looked up at her friends. But they weren’t as up as they should be. in fact as she adjusted the angle of her head, they seemed rather smaller than she remembered.
"Oh my god are you alright?" rogue asked.
"Yeah. What..." cream put her hand to her mouth. the sound of her own voice, startling her. "What?" she tried again "happened to me?"
"I'm afraid”. Rogue said. “you grew up."

Cream looked down at her self and gasped in surprise. Sure enough she had, and not only that, she was completely naked from head to toe. Gingerly she reached out an unfamiliar hand and touched one of the ample bosoms that hung before her, and sure enough it was hers. Standing up she proceeded to examine herself all over, from her bum to her waist and her longer ears and hair and more.
"err." she said as she looked up at the gang, who were all as small as her for the first time ever. "err… How do I look?"

Her eye's fell on tails. He looked different somehow, not just smaller, but somehow a lot nicer to look at.
"Hot" tails replied. "Very hot."
Cream looked at sonic expectantly, who also looked allot nicer to look at.
"err. yeah. you look great. err... Cream, perhaps you should get some clothes on while we figure out what's going on."

Cream looked down at her new body. she now knew what was going on, it was her treasure. It was indeed some kind of obedient chaos emerald, and right now it was channelling its energy through the game, forcing its contestants to do the dares.

Looking up she smiled and said forcefully. "no. I'm having too much fun to stop. Lets play."
And before anyone could stop her Cream had spun the bottle once more on her emerald pivot.
"New rules." she said as the bottle span. "Absolutely anything goes, and dares only, and we carry on till I say so."

The bottle finally came to rest facing tails.
Smiling broadly Cream pointed towards tails and said loudly "triple, no quadruple the length of you're tails."
"What? But that's impossible."
"No it's not."

Just then Tails grabbed his bum.
"Ahh my bum, it hurts."
Everyone looked in astonished amazement at tails as his tail's grew and grew and grew. They touched the floor and still they grew bigger. They snaked there way round, rolling and flopping about as they continued to grow till they were four times there original size and easily 3 times as long as he was tall.
Everyone stood there flabbergasted at what had just taken place.
"my tails, th, there huge. What am I going to do with them?"
Cream picked up the one nearest to her and began to rub it over her body.
"I have an idea." she said as she ran it between her breasts seductively.

Tails didn’t need any more prompting. his other tail which Amy had been examining was swished out of her hands and quickly wrapped around creams adult body, each tail stroking up and down and around her, slowly pulling her towards him. Where she put her arms around him.
"I know I want to do something with you, but I don’t know what it is."
"Tails don't you dare!" Amy shouted. "were supposed to be baby sitting her. Just spin that damn bottle and get this over with."

Bending over tails span the bottle which ended up pointing once more at cream.
"I dare you" tails said. "to return me and you back to normal, end the game and go to sleep."
"Ahh no fair." cream said. "I was just about to play with my new boobs."
just then she sort of froze before leaning forwards to kiss Tails lightly on the cheek. almost instantly his tails sucked back into his body. Returning to normal herself Cream fell backwards, fast asleep and back to her normal self once more.

"Nice one tails. Now if you boy's will take her up to bed me and rogue want to get back into our own clothes."
So sonic and tails took the unconscious Cream back up to bed and tucked her in for the night before coming back down.

The following morning when Cream woke up from a dream involving tails and allot of cuddling and snuggling was surprised to not be wearing a nightie, and her memories of last night were so bizarre they just had to be a dream. None the less she got dressed as usual and went downstairs for breakfast to find sonic, wearing a pink frilly dress and a bow in his hair.
"Sonic? What are you wearing."
"Oh hi cream. I'm not sonic. I'm Amy."
Confused cream turned to rogue who had just walked into the room.
"Rogue? Why does sonic think she's Amy."
"She is Amy, Amy rose is now sonic." that's when Cream noticed rogues complete lack of chest. pointing at the place they had once been cream asked.
"Where are you're boobs?"
"What? Oh those. Tails is wearing them."
This merely confused the poor bunny further.
"Tails is wearing you're boobs?" rogue nodded. "What’s going on?"
"Oh right, you were asleep. Well after you left there was nothing on tv so we decided to have another game of spin the bottle"
"So where?"
"Sonic's on the roof in Amy's body, about 6 inches high, completely naked, moving a millimetre an hour and totally unable to speak, and since it's his go that's a problem. he's been writing the dare all night now and he's just finished the first five letters."
"Five letters?"
"Yeah. I Dare. oh and tails, well go in the living room, you cant miss him."

Unsure what to do cream decided to leave the flat chested rogue and the Amy in Sonic's body behind and go see what had happened to tails.

It was certainly true, you couldn’t miss tails. He took up the whole living room. She actually had to climb over his tail and crawl underneath his left leg just to get in to see the rest of him, and there certainly was allot to see. It was a bizarre site looking up at him like this. While he did have boobs, cream could clearly see at this scale that he was indeed still a bloke.
"Hi cream." came tail's booming voice. "Say, once sonic makes his move do you want to join in?"
"Oh yes please."

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