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A Seussical for my granddaughter Annabella Elizabeth Schmeider

Annabella scoots out the door.
She has worlds waiting to explore.
Camoflauge jeans, ruby shoes:
Tickety-boo, tickety-boo.

She is stalking the land of Oz.
What a mission, and such a cause!
Won't snuggle down in granny's lap.
Tippity-tap, tippity-tap.

The good witch hides under a rock.
Munchkins lurk beneath a box.
The Wiz is a bedraggled Pooh.
Bibbity-boo, bibbity-boo.

Magic poppies, screaming monkeys,
made of moss, mud, pods, sticks, and seeds.
Scarecrow, tin-man, ToTo too,
fiddle-dee-do, fiddle-dee-do.

Wrapped round her head, an old fur vest.
Cowardly Lion, last is best.
Being brave isn't what it seems.
Fiddle-dee-dee, fiddle-dee-dee.

Backyards hold amazing treasures,
beckoning to new adventures.
Oz exists where her mind can fly.
Now, bye-and-bye. Now, bye-and-bye.

little ridinghood by Aunt SunKiss
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