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A ghazal-like set of couplets written to a prompt of an anagram of 'petal'.
Ripples through meadows of apples and wheat

Two lepta for a hundred palets,
from fields of grass the drachmas flowed.

Small mites that gathered like the petals
shorn off the ancient black sheepnose.

My leather pelta shunned your arrows
the pallette of this autumn knows.

I dashed those porcelain plates to pieces
I've leapt in pleated skirts and bows.

And I, enga of your knowing
lay in kåren of your throes.

© Kåre Enga

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plate, petal, leapt, pleat, *palet, *pelta, *lepta.

This is almost a ghazal (form of poetic couplets where the name of the author is many times part of the last couplet). I'd have to tweak it to make it a proper one. A WDC source on what a ghazal is and how to write one: "WHAT IS A GHAZAL AND HOW TO WRITE IT?"   by Dr M C Gupta

sheepnose = a variety of apple applied to black gilliflower among others.
enga = the meadow (på Norsk; ängen in Swedish)
Kåre = male Scandinavian name.
kåren = the ripple (or breeze)
*palet: a bract, palea
*pelta: leather shield
*lepta: 100 = one drachma (Greece)
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