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Carlotta reveals herself

I am feeling the need for action and revenge after being brutally passed over for a promotion at work. A promotion that I wasn't even sure I wanted to begin with! *Smile* Yet, I'd still love to see my boss crash and burn. *Blush*

After Jill returned Carlotta, smudged, salted, and exorcised she has been, not unsurprisingly silent. Her Cheshire smile, however, has been beaming at me since I have stirred up the dust motes of rage. *Note1*

Ah, Cherie! Maman always told us that a too busy life meant you were only running away from yourself.

in my loneliness
I think of a time long ago
tout vas bien Maman

Bayou le B'aitre was a good resting place for those running away from themselves. I was a poppet made for the daughter of a blanchisseuse, a washer woman. But the daughter, my Maman, grew to be a traiteur, a healer, a witchy-womyn. I learned much from her.

Carlotta will give you a recipe for revenge.

rhymes in a whisper
secret stories handed down
in the dark of night

Find a pocket mirror and inscribe the name of your nemesis on its surface. When she draws near, hold the intention of all her negativity reflecting back to her. *Flower1*

When you are a creature with no shadow, the world reflects only your self back to yourself.

Not a curse you see? *Heart*

find the golden key
as is above, so below
karma never sleeps

Ainsi-soit-il...Amen...So mote it be

la fleur s'apres forme

Ah bientot, Cherie!

*Kiss* *Kiss* *Kiss* *Kiss*

sigil for Maman Freda Erzulie

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