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Just can't say enough.
Thank you all very much. Story Master, and Story Misstress, if it were not for you two, I wouldn't have a place to come to and put down my thoughts. To you I say a grateful "Thank you."

To those who have helped me along the way, like Annalynne, and Countrymom, I say an unending "Thank you."

To those who have simply read my works, and given constructive critiques, I say a respectful "Thank you."

To those who have read my works and gave a simple "Been there, done that." I say an honorable "Thank you."

To people like Funnyface, and Kansaspoet, and Lynn, I say a hearty "Thank you."

And not to forget Crumbledcookie who gave me a sense of self worth, I say a "Thank you." without ending.

Crissy, you, too, gave me a feeling of being needed. I say a humble "Thank you."

People like Brenpoet, M Duci, Mad Man Mike, bediane1954, Silver Valkyre withlove, Nomadic Soul, Lin, High Wind, wistful rune, and there are many others I don't have room for. I am doing this now, for there is so little time. I want not to forget those who have been such a help to me and left a lasting impression on me by their actions of just even a simple "Hi! How are you doing?"

Thank you to you all.
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