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That old flag is a national treasure and many a "Granny" keeps it flying high


My Granny gets up every morning
an' goes limpin' out to the yard
carryin' a precious piece of cloth
an' though it's gettin' hard

For her to make it to the flagpole
she attaches it and then
raises up the flag and watches
as it flies high and free again.

Granny's old flag is tattered
but she's mended it with care,
an' she gets a sentimental look
when she sees it flyin' there.

Her grandpa fought in World War I,
told me he was wounded pretty bad;
in World War II, it covered her pa,
an' she was feelin' pretty sad.

When her son went to Korea
to fight for freedom in the land,
she baked cookies to send over
just so the boys would understand

That back home she was prayin'
as all Grannies so often do,
that the boys would come home safe
when the fightin' was all through.

Granny's brother fought in another war,
overseas in a place called Vietnam,
and she traveled down to Washington
to trace the name of little Sam.

She walked the length of the Wall,
looking at all the names of the men
who never had the chance to live
to see their loved ones again.

An' some people had the nerve
to malign those who did come home,
Granny said she didn't wonder why
they just wanted to be left alone!

She'd listen to the radio to hear
the latest news on the Iraq war,
an' told everyone she met that Joe
would help even up the score.

She'd really get her dander up
when she heard of deeds unfair;
she'd wave her fist and holler
"Don't make ME come over there!"

Granny's old flag has memories
an' it flies with love and pride
to honor all the servicemen and women;
Yep, she's right there by their side!


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