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This is an awareness editorial on the growing need for blood donors.
Many people are organ donators but far less are regular blood donors despite the rise in the need for blood with modern medical treatments.

Due to a higher demand for blood and dying supplies, the cost for blood has been raised. This leads hospitals to rise there costs. If people would dontate more, the supplies could be reached and the price could be lowered.

One person every two seconds needs a blood transfusion which can result from an accident, illness or surgery. Over 38,000 donations are needed daily in the United States alone. Around sixty percent of the population is eligible but only around five percent of the population donates regularly.

Some fear giving a donation and that is the only thing that keeps them from doing it. AIDS is a constant fear but the fact is that getting AIDS from donating is impossible. All needles used are fresh out of the package and thrown away right after use. The pain from the needle is only a slight pinch. The blood only drains for seven to ten minutes. (However, the registration to refreshment process is around an hour.) Afterwards, there is an open canteen. All blood types are needed from rare to common.

Many premature babies, childern, adults and senior citizans could have their lives saved but are not. That is all due to the fact that donors are at a national low. An hour of a donor's time could make a lifetime for someone else.

Our society seemed to develop an odd taboo with donating blood and this is not understandable. This may have started with the rise of AIDS or just the fear of needles. Either way, our society needs to get over it and start donating. Peoples' lives depend on it. The longer the American population waits, the less lives we have a chance to save.
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