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by Samar
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New life, greater growth, and an untouched future awaiting her...
She laid there embedded and expecting; awaiting a growth that can either lead to her success or insanity. Stress built up, surrounding her from all corners. She was drowning in her own pool of consciousness. This was not some kind of alarming nightmare or sick delusion; this was for real. In about seven months her life will change completely. She will become a person that will hold her word over another. She will be someone that she has always wanted to be, yet too scared to commit to.

This was not her fault, she did not choose this direction, but it was she who had to suffer with another's consequences for the rest of her life. "Why me God? Why pick your most innocent slave and put me in this shameful state? I love you God! I need you to please help me and guide me through to your light. Please forgive me for I have become a victim of a sinful act in which I had no hand in; I played no part in this unholy doing. Please believe me God Almighty; open your arms and embrace me with your safety and approval," she pleaded.

To be continued...

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