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The titles says it all...
Farewell to "The Good Girl…." Hello to "The Bitch…"

Thank you all for coming, I know this is a tough time.

It all happened so quickly, it nearly blew our minds.

As we gather today with tears filling our eyes,

it is a(n) honor to be here to say our last goodbyes.

For we will never again experience one of her kind;

And we are all to blame for being so blind.

For she was so gentle and so refined

and if your needed her to, would give you her last dime.

Yet for some reason when the tables had turned,

the dime she easily had given was never returned.

But she was 'The Good Girl," so she brushed it off

And never once did she, your name, scoff.

She was also the girl who gave and loved with all her heart

And her own best interest she would disregard.

Yet for some reason when the tables had turned,

the heart she easily had given was never returned.

But she was "The Good Girl," so she kept her hurt in

Never realizing her light within was slowly growing dim.

She was also the girl who on the outside always smiled

and not the one people would classify as “wild” or “easily riled”

She was a good girl, so she always tried to see the bright side

All the while, deep down inside, her soul cried.

Then one day it happened, she couldn’t take it anymore,

so she decided to close “The Good Girl” door.

Although she attempted to hide the pain,

she realized people took her being “The Good Girl” in vain;

And if she continued this way there would be nothing she would gain.

So she looked in the mirror and said her goodbye,

For the mind set of “The Good Girl” would have to die…

So as we gather today to pay our last respects

We realize that for every cause there is an effect…

So farewell to “The Good Girl”, farewell to your kind

And forgive us all for being so blind.

We realize it’s too late and we cannot make you stay

But hopefully we will have the chance to meet up again, someday.

Now ladies and gentleman, without further adieu

It is with great pleasure that I welcome to you

Someone who chose to start her life anew…

You may recognize her as “The Good Girl” but she doesn’t exist anymore…

Please give a warm welcome to “The Bitch” as she walks through the door…

Now I must warn you, be careful, because “The Bitch” is hardcore…

And she has come back with a vengeance; she’s come to settle the score…

A woman of substance,
Miss Lovelee
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