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by kura
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · War · #1264749
Set in WW2, a man signed up to the army faces a very difficult decision
"Edward,take your brother to the shelter!" shouted Mary. She had more intension of keeping them safe than her. She had no idea she would be stuck in the middle of the second world war, but she didn't complain and did what any mother does best, hopes."Mother!" shouted Edward putting Tommy in the shelter and turning round.He would of run to the house to tell her to hurry up. But he stopped. The house exploded. Edward sheilded himself and waited for it to be over. He felt the heat of the fire warm his face. He didn't want to look round. He knew what was comming, but he just hoped that this was all a dream and this war was an illusion. But he knew it was all too real.Just then he heard the splurters and cries of his little brother Tommy.He almost forgot about him. "Where's Mum" he asked looking up to Edward for the answer. Edward knew the answer but he just hoped that he was wrong. That he had made some sort of mistake and his mother was in the shelter all along. But Edward knew she wasn't. Edward looked at the demolished house. "Shes gone to live with the angels Tom" said Edward not liking a word he had just said.Even though Edward thought it was not possible, Tommy cried even more.Tommy was young but he was smart enough to know what that meant.Tommy stared at the house, in which one day he had been baking cookies with his mother and Edward was playing cricket outside with his father well his father did not like to call it cricket because all it was were two men batting and bowling a ball, but Edward called it cricket because he knew that secretly his father loved cricket.Tommy knew that they were just memories now. He hugged Edward pressing his face against Edwards tummy. Edward wrapped his arms around Tommy trying so desperatly to comfort him. He knew he couldn't cry, he had to be strong, that's what his father had said.That night they slept in the shelter. Edward on the bottom bunk and Tommy on the top. Tommy was soon asleep, Edward knew that Tommy could escape from all the pain in his dreams. But Edward couldn't sleep. He layed on his side listening to the shouts that echoed through the gardens, some shouting for their loved ones who had passed away like his mother, others cheering on the English side and some very brave or you could call stupid people yelling at the soilders to stop. And of course the bombs and gun shots. Edward just stared at the shelter's wall. "Where are we going?" asked Tommy in the morning being dragged along by Edward down the street. "Your going to Aunt Rose" said Edward with a grim expression matched by his tone. "Where are you going?" asked Tommy looking up at Edward, he hoped so desperatly that Edward wouldn't go, he needed him. "Here we are" sd Edward knocking on the door trying to discract Tommy which he knew was quite easy, but when Tommy really wanted to know something, he would never forget about it. Tommy just sighed and looked at his Aunt opening the door. Her hair was tied in a high bun, but some silky brown locks hung down. She smiled and bent down to Tommy. "Hello Thomas" she said losing her smile."Go and greet your Grandad Willaim" she said almost losing her smile. Tommy looked back at Edward then ran in the house. Rose shut the door behind her. "I hope you know what your doing" she said starting a convisation and changing her mood completly. "I do" said Edward with very little feeling. "That boy needs you" said Rose raising her voice. "My country needs me" he said remaining at his same tone that he had talked to Tommy with."Your father is fighting for the country" said Rose thinking she was winning the argument."don't say it like he isn't your brother" said Edward getting enraged that he wasn't allowed to do what he wanted."we need you here" said Rose giving up on all the harsh talk. "Well,I don't need you" he said. Rose ignored this comment. "How did you get into the army anyway?"she asked accusingly.Edward looked at the ground.This was the hard bit."I signed up" he said. Rose wasn't stupid."When?" she asked getting more suspicious at each sentence he said. "Two weeks ago" said Edward wanting to walk away at that very moment. "I-"he was stopped to explain by Rose putting her hand on her forhead and saying"Just go". Edward sighed. He had no idea signing up was going to cause so much pain.He walked away and felt his aunt's tearful eyes on him. "Wheres Edward going?" asked Tommy curious looking up at his Aunt as she came through the door. He did not take notice of the sadness in his Aunt's face, he just wanted his question answered, like most 10 yr old boys he was always asking questions. "Hes gone" Is all Rose could say. She walked passed Tommy and into the kitchen, as if that room was a portal where she could escape from all the events that had happened.
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