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Rated: E · Poetry · Women's · #1276727
The battle of sexes, in five lunes.
GENDER STRIFE: a Lune poem, award winner

Almost every man,
Is, in fact,
Eclipsed by woman.

But every woman
Laments that
She is plagued by men.

Call it confusion,
Or, error.
Maybe it’s pretension.

Dogged so we are
In our thought!
From truth we are far.

Endless is this strife
Of genders,
Of husband and wife!

• A Lune is, broadly speaking, an American counterpart of the haiku.This simplified form does not have the restrictions inbuilt in the latter. The only requirements are:

Lune 1—This was created by by Robert Kelly, in the 1960s and has a syllabic pattern 5-3-5 (five syllables in lines 1 and 3 and three in the middle).

Lune 2—This was created by by Jack Collom and has a word pattern 3-5-3 (three words in lines 1 and 3 and five in the middle).

• * Written in aba, 5-3-5 format. However, rhyme is not a requirement of the Lune. This is a combination of 5 Lunes, each starting with a different letter--A,B,C,D,E.

• Initially posted as entry no. 417693 in the book "Invalid Item, WOMEN'S AND GENDER ISSUES and entry no. 346114 in the book "MY POETRY BOOK, MY POETRY BOOK. Posted as the present item on 14 June 2007.

• Awarded second prize in The Alphabet Fun Contest, "Invalid Item, ninth round.

M C Gupta
6 April 2006
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