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This poem was for an English assignment.
Loner I Am

Everywhere I go;
everyone I know
ripped away…
Love  is impossible for me now.
Even the ones you'd call
Mom  and  dad have left me in the dust-
They took off so fast;
Trying to reach the unreachable.
Those of you who don't like your parents:
I'd suggest you stay.
I know from experience-
Some foster families can't show you the way.

A heart beaten by
the ravages of time
lying crippled in the middle of the road
run over and over again
by each uncaring stranger.
Eventually, you can't heal again.
That's when
You become a loner.

When you realize that no one's going to give you a hand;
That you have to get up on your own —
You have learned the three most important rules.

Do not trust others--
Trust in only yourself.

Do not love others--
Love only yourself.

Do not fight for others—
Fight only for yourself.

A loner I am.

You get ever so distant
as the days go by…
When people ask me "Why
are you the way you are?"
I say
"Its just my personality."
But there's always more
to the story.

Society hasn't forced me to be the way I am;
I'm like this because
I'm trying to revive
This cold and dead
Heart 'o' mine.
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