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the biblical Esther
Book of Esther

Handsome Esther,
an unfinished virgin,
a good Jewish girl,
was anointed with perfumes
washed in myrrh oil,
and set before King Xerxes
like a blue-ribbon sow.
She commandeered her intelligence,
inherent maiden's modesty,
and applied astringently
the most mediocre
of learned feminine wiles.
She captured a ruler's heart
and earned a queen's crown.
King Xerxes conquered
with warriors and weapons.
Esther vanquished only
with truth and great beauty.
All the world is undone
from great truth and beauty.

Prompt Subject: We Shall Overcome
Word(s) to use: mediocre
Word(s) not to use: battle(ing,s), beat(ing,s), overcome(ing,s), struggle(ing,s), win(ning,s), won
Other requirements/restrictions: At least 15 lines

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