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A Poem I wrote some time ago.
Life's Fairy Tales

At a tender young age, our future is clear,
It's the fairy tale farse that we see..
Real life and fiction are one in the same,
Just like they show on TV!

Our protector the "Prince" has a big wooden sword,
And tells stories of the dragons he's slain...
Surrounding his kingdom, a tall wooden fence,
Where safely inside he remains.

Our "Princess" awaits that magical day,
She expects to be swept off her feet!
He'll just appear, a handsome young man
....Her childhood dreams are complete!

Yesterday's "Prince", is a plumber named Earl,
From his throne he commands the TV!
Monday night football, and cold Miller Light!
What more in life could there be?

Known only as "Mommy" these days,
The "Princess" doesn't dream anymore.
There's no time for that, with kids of her own.
And, the only thing swept is the floor!

Things seem to change the older we get
Everything happens so fast.
Right where we thought we wanted to be,
Our dreams kept safe in the past.

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