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by Margy
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #1321442
“One day I will make you mine. Not my victim but my beloved companion for eternity.”
The Immortal Kiss

I looked around cautiously as I entered the room. It was breathtaking. The walls were adorned with rich embroidered tapestries depicting Gothic feasts and silvery moonlit landscapes. The smell of scented roses drifted from a vase next to a glass of claret. The mahogany four poster bed, cloaked in golden flowing silk curtains and covers caught my eye. Draped over the foot was an intricately stitched dress. After hesitantly touching the delicate fabric I wandered over to the bathroom, sipping out the crystal goblet. The claret tingled through my veins leaving its sweet taste to linger on my lips.

It was a magnificent space, black marble with gold trim. Fragrant candles illuminated the room as their shadows danced on the walls. And the tub, large and luxurious, was filled to the top. The warmth beckoned. I removed my clothing and stepped into the water. It was heavenly. I closed my eyes and let the tepidity seep through.

As I clothed myself, the heavy curtains shuddered slightly, then became still again. The invading evening air caressed my skin and I gave a little shudder. As I descended the sweeping staircase in search of the dining room, I could feel the effects of the claret and warm water lulling me into a sense of unreality. My dress rustled quietly as I entered the dining room on my stiletto heels.

For a split second Richard was stunned by the beauty in front of him. The green eyes that bored into his dark pools were brimming with curiosity. Her cheeks were slightly flushed by the cold. And her hair! Richard allowed his eyes to linger on her hair for an extra few seconds. As he watched, her long fingers pushed an errant strand back behind her ear. Wordlessly he seated her at the table. As he brushed past her naked shoulder he noticed a fine sprinkling of goose bumps.

“Eat please”. He indicated to her plate of food as he poured her a glass of red wine.
“No, I am not hungry, I may dine later”. He answered her silent question.

He watched, enthralled, as she raised the glass to her glossy full lips.

His eyes pierced right into my soul. He was gorgeous, magnificent. His long raven black hair framed his finely chiseled face. His eyes were smouldering dark pools of carnal pleasure. I could not take my eyes from him for the fear that he would disappear. Something about him made me want to both run to him and run away from him. My breath quickened. My heart fluttered madly. I’d never seen anyone like Richard.

He reached out to take my hand. Slowly he raised it to his lips, breathed my scent in deeply before he gently kissed my fingers.

“You are cold.” His words broke the long stillness. “You look tired. Go up to bed. I will see you in the morning.”

He entered her bedroom silently and saw her standing, her delicately arched back framed by the glow of the scented candles. He stepped up behind her, his hands slowly moved down her body. When his fingers closed around her waist, he dipped his head and breathed in deeply. There was something so enthralling about her. He wanted to spend the whole night breathing her scent in and holding her like this.

He came to me so slowly and silently that I did not detect any movement. I gasped when hard fingers gripped my waist possessively. The touch of his warm breath on my neck sent a shiver down my spine. He brushed my soft neck in a gentle caress, his lips cool against my warm, inviting flesh. His cold breath excited me and I rolled my head to accommodate him. I felt the pressure of his strong hands on my waist as he turned me around to face him.

He whispered in my ear, “Tell me how much you want it."

My throat was tight, my mouth dry; I forced the words from my mouth, "More than words can say."

Slowly I slipped the dress from my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I continued to gaze into his eyes, silently offered myself to him. Without breaking eye contact, I leaned in closer. His hand caressed my face like fine silk in a soft, warm breeze. We melted into each other and met in a soft kiss. My lips opened slightly to the teasing of his tongue and I felt him take control of the kiss with a graceful fervour.

He pulled back reluctantly as he watched her carefully.  His hands followed the gentle curves of her body and gently cupped her breasts. A soft cry fell from her lips. His fingers moved to her aching nipples and teased them with soft tender touches. His cool hands were like a flame on her skin and she moaned hungrily, eager for more.

His lips closed over my nipple at that moment I gasped at the touch of his hand on my stomach. I felt him press gentle kisses over the soft expanse of my skin to my other breast. Dark pleasure surrounded my senses. As his cold hands reached their final destination, I stiffened.

He watched her tenderly, his hand creeping to her parted thighs slowly, almost stealthily. Her thighs tightened in reaction. He captured her gently within his hand, as and let his middle finger ease slowly up her wetness. She gasped in pleasure and her pupils dilated, her thighs trembled. She moaned softly as her folds parted slowly beneath his gentle touch. He eased his finger first slowly, and then pressed it in further each time with gentle thrusts.

I called his name softly as his thumb rubbed in slow circles around my sensitive clit. The control of my body slipping from my grasp as sensations emerged beneath the dark waves of oblivion. I trembled at the touch of his hand, my breath panted from my lips. Finally my body gave way, surrendered to exquisite bliss and convulsed in response to him.

Grabbing her wrists, Richard brought her hands up over her head and pushed her back against the wall. He let his eyes linger on her face. After a moment they drifted down to take in the rest of her body. His hands slipped down her arms, caressing the skin, he cupped her face in his strong hands and angled her face to expose the pulsing vein in her neck.

He knew as his teeth pierced her skin the first waves of pain would be unbearable. She would be frozen in agony, rigid with suffering, unable even to cry out. But as he began to suck, the most exquisite pleasure would overwhelm her. She would wish those moments would go on, would last forever

He sighed deeply, sadly, almost regretfully as his arms encircled me. He held me so close to him, like he loved me, held me so tight that he seemed to be inside me, caressing each and every fibre of my being, filling me with his dark wonder. As he drew away I felt every nerve ending cry out for something only he could give. It was as if he had drained my soul, my very spirit, my essence, and I desperately wanted more from him.

I felt his sense of sadness. Stroking his hair, I offered him myself again. He simply rested his forehead on my shoulder for a few moments, accepting my comfort.

I fell asleep in his arms.  He cradled me like a treasured child, stroking my hair, holding on, savouring the closeness, the intimacy of our bodies pressed close together.

“One day I will make you mine.” He whispered softly. “Not my victim but my beloved companion for eternity.”

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