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the forth installment of this amazing story about giants and love.
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Chapter 15

Slightly surprised john raised his head off the floor and looked down at Anrill’s beaming face.
“Did you miss me By any chance?” she asked him.
John nodded.
“So do you want you’re special treat now or later?” she asked as she brought herself up above him, thrusting her highly visible chest forwards.
“Depends what you had in mind.”
Anrill pushed his shirt up to reveal his chest, and while keeping eye contact she simply lay her head down in his fur and rubbed herself up against him, pushing her soft breasts warmly into his chest as she pulled herself up his body till her partially covered breasts hung right next to his face.
“I think I like where this is going.”
Anrill lowered herself till she was face to face with John and she beamed happily at him.
“So do I.” and she leaned forwards and turning her head to one side they kissed, there lips joining and continuing to slide together till nose met cheek.

As they released, John’s eye’s were half closed as he lent forwards following her retreating kiss. Anrill smiled lovingly down at him and taking his head into her hands kissed him on the nose, before guiding it between her breasts, where still glassy eyed he took a deep sniff of her scent.

Letting go of his head she began to back off slowly crawling back off him, all the while watching John as he continued to sniff the air, and began to follow her scent. As Anrill got further away John rolled over and stood up, the door, finally clear of obstruction closed automatically behind him as Anrill wafted her scent towards him as she retreated. Keeping at a constant distance, leading him literally by his nose towards the bedroom.

Once through the door Anrill turned towards the bed and climbed on backwards and sat with her legs tucked underneath her. John still glassy eyed continued to follow her and was about to climb onto the bed as well when a finger to his lips stopped him and shook him from his trance.

Backing off a little he looked quizzically at Anrill for a moment and opened his mouth to speak. Anrill simply moved her finger from his muzzle to hers and he obediently shut his mouth.

Happy with the way things were going Anrill reached round her neck and put her thumbs under the chain of her pendant and lifting it off her neck dropped it on the ground. Sitting back she smiled up at John and reached for the bottom of her ripped T-shirt and slowly began to lift it off. Ever so slowly passing over her beautiful slim waist and her softly furred belly. She raised it higher and higher till she reached her breasts where she started to do a slow wave motion, giving small but tantalizing glimpses of her beautiful white breasts till she rolled up the front and in one swift move she pulled her shirt up to her neck as she thrust her chest forwards causing them to bounce provocatively. All the while watching his reaction with glee.

John stood there staring open mouthed as Anrill hung the front of her shirt over the top of her breasts, before reaching behind her and pulling the garment from her.

Raising herself onto her knees she stepped off the bed and reached out for John’s face and closing his flapping jaw she redirected his gaze to her face. Kissing him lightly on his cheek John promptly kissed her back as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

It wasn’t long before Anrill reached for the bottom of john’s shirt and began to pull it up untill he had to let go of her, as she pulled it over his head. All through which he kissed anny part of her he could reach. With his shirt off Anrill lent against his soft warm chest as he looked down at her and sighed a happy sigh as they looked happily into each others eye’s

Dropping the garment Anrill reached down surreptitiously to Johns waist and started to fiddle with his trousers to John’s momentary surprise.

Breaking her gaze from his face she looked downwards and lent her head onto his shoulders and began to sniff his neck as she finally managed to find his zip and pulled it down with a single pull. Turning round to face John she reached down with both her hands and traced up both sides of John's zip and round his belt to his sides and pushed downwards till his trousers slid freely from his waist. All the while John’s kissing migrated lovingly from the top of her head, down her neck to her cleavage.

Her hands now free she traced up his sides and then sliding her hands between his arms touched his cheeks and guided his gaze gently back to her face where they stared at each other for a moment, gazing deeply into each other’s eye’s till John licked her on the lips.

Anrill smiled and looked away as her cheeks puffed out in a blush. Then stealing herself she gave him a full on kiss and did a twirling jump onto the bed landing on her back.

John raised his hand up to his mouth and touched it as if it were something incredible. Then looking up he saw Anrill wriggling out of her Knickers, and flinging off her shorts and he smiled wryly as he wriggled freely of his underwear and partially removed trousers.

With her garments discarded Anrill rolled over to face john, she was a sight to behold. Her beautiful contours were accentuated by her beautiful markings, from her pure white breasts to her light grey cleavage and light shadow fur, all the way down to her pure white tummy and her even whiter crotch, framed by her beautifully coloured legs. Everything about her said knockout beauty. For the first time he realized just how lucky he was as he crawled over his bed towards her. Out of all the people she could have chosen she had picked him.

As John got closer Anrill rolled onto her back and followed John eagerly as he approached her and sat over her. John smiled and began to move his pelvis towards hers as he began to kiss her chest, there sex just touching tantalizingly for brief moments at a time.
Anrill reached down towards his and grabbed him round the waist. Waiting till the tip of his shaft touched her in just the right place she pulled him sharply towards her and said with a smile
“Just take me to heaven and back you silly dog.”
“Ok.” He said softly and nuzzled her between her large soft bosoms as he began to rock back and forth.

It was truly wonderful. He could feel her soft warmth surrounding him, her soft warmth below him and around him. He could feel her every movement and hear her heartbeat louder than his own as there bodies moved in unison. The shrill noises of the outside world faded into meaninglessness as with every effort her breathing became deeper as with every forward thrust the intense feeling of overwhelming pleasure increased and as it did so, so did his efforts and the sound of there joy.

Out of the corner of his eye he could tell Anrill was grabbing at the bedding as her breathing turned to audible gasps of pleasure indicating she was nearing that magical point. As the sounds of shrill screams pierce his world. Not ceasing he slowly turned his head to the window and instantly stoped dead in his tracks as he stared in disbelief at the huge green eye, surrounded in grey wire thick fur that now filled his entire bedroom window.

His hand shaking John tried to tap Anrill on the shoulders, but instead groped her boobs causing her jump.
The huge eye blinked and a huge angry eyebrow came down into view as a loud bassey growl shook the entire room.

As the eye blinked again it disappeared upward and backwards. As the growl faded into the distance with the eye gone John’s heart started beating again and he instantly started breathing extremely fast as his pulse raced instantly to a buzz.

As Anrill came slowly back down to earth she noticed John hyperventilating and staring with a fixed horrified expression out the window
looking out the window herself she could see nothing there. Turning back to the obviously panicked John she gave him a gentle push… he just rocked with it and continued to hyperventilate. She was about to ask him what was wrong when he suddenly stopped breathing, his eye’s growing wider and wider as the room began to grow strangely dark.

Suddenly the wall seemed to explode inwards, showering them both in dust and glass. As bricks suddenly cracked and crumbled and jumped towards them, but stayed mercifully intact. As the dust slowly settled they notice the window was filled with a black leathery palm and huge five grey clawed furry fingers protruded through the wall, the thumb hovering right over Johns head.

The fingers bent inwards, gripping the wall and simply pulled it away with a tremendous crunching grinding noise of breaking bricks, mortar and metal. Out of the huge gaping hole they stared through open space to see a truly colossal female wolf throw down the chunk of wall and reach towards the now gaping hole in almost slow motion, its impending doom reaching closer and closer.

John turned to Anrill and began to desperately try and free himself from her, as two huge fingers reached in and grabed him by the scruff of the neck and jerked him off her before accelerating him up and away from her at a terrific speed through the gaping hole in his wall. With nothing but mountains of air between him and the floor he screamed out loud in terror as he curled instinctively up into a terrified ball as best he could.

The hand turned him round to face the huge creature straight in its massive face. As it brought him terribly close to its huge growling muzzle, before it boomed at a nearly deafening volume.
“No one rapes my friends and lives.”

To be continued…

Chapter 16

Anrill sat on the bed, horrified at what she had just witnessed. Leaning towards the gaping hole she looked up to see John being dangled high in the sky by a scantily dressed wolf that she recognized… Amy.

Turning around Anrill flung herself from the bed and quickly began to rummage frantically around on the floor, through the clothes and rubble that now littered the entire floor.
“Damn it. Where is it? Of all the times to run out of magic. Where is it? Where the bloody hell is it? I need to recharge where is it?”

All the while up above poor John was having the worst day of his life.
“Oh god please don’t kill me.”
Amy gave her hand a quick flick, resulting in a scream of pain.
“Shut up you pervert. You took advantage of my friend when she was in heat and now I’m going to take advantage of you.”

John really didn’t like the sound of that as he shivered in fear, miles above the ground.
“W-w-what are you going to do?” he said meekly.
John was dragged by his neck over the top of the head of this truly gigantic wolf and stopped in front of her right ear. Its huge triangular hairy shape was over one and a half times his height and was covered in veins as thick as string. The horrid black wax-like substance that surrounded the base of the hole in her head indicated that it hadn’t been washed in ages. It was utterly disgusting, but at least there was something solid beneath him.

“Say that again in my ear dog or I will kill you right now.”
Cowering in her grip John did as he was asked.
“What are you going to do with me?” he said again, more meekly than before.
“What you did to Anrill. I’m going to use you. I’m going to have my wicked way with you then discard you like a used tissue.”

John was whisked briskly down towards a huge grey furred tummy before being shot up with terrific force to an incredible speed till he shot out of the giant’s hand. He found himself hurtling through the air with nothing beneath him, feeling it pull and buffet at his fur. Then slowly it changed direction as gravity took over and he began to fall towards the ground below. Turning over in the air he saw that the giant wolf had moved and was now positioning herself beneath him, her head held back with an evil smile on her face as she grew larger and larger in his vision.

As he hurtled back towards her she stuck out her chest. He barely had time to brace for impact as he bumped into her neck and slid through her massively thick fur down between the darkness of her massive cleavage. Her huge breasts acting as breaks as he continued his descent, sliding out of her shirt he slid down her tummy, over her belly button and finally past two huge thumbs holding out her knickers.

Having come to a stop John found himself pinned between the taut white cloth and a huge furry vagina. A snap from just above him told him the thumbs had been removed from letting the truly huge elastic band snap back in place. He tried to move but he was completely trapped. All he accomplished was to move himself sideways between the giant’s huge lips without meaning to, which, as the world began to rock slowly back and forth, began to get wet.

All the while Anrill was getting increasingly frantic, and was flinging anything that was in the way out of the hole in the wall, including the mattress. As she scurried round the floor she continued to fling clothes and even furniture out the hole in an almost panicked state until she finally found it under the bedside table. Picking up her pendant triumphantly she flung it over her neck and opening it she pressed her thumb to the blue light and shouted:
“I want you to charge me now!”
With a sudden jolt her eyes turned to swirling blue, as arcs of white and blue light arced over her naked body.

Back outside Amy had one hand inside her knickers, guiding a certain reluctant dog inside her crotch with one hand while massaging her breasts with the other and breathing heavily.
“I hope you’re enjoying this, cos.” She breathed in heavily “because this is the last time you’re going to have sex.”
And with that she put her fingers on his shoulders and pushed him all the way deep inside her vagina and shivered.
“Oh I love it when they wiggle.”

Through her flitting eye’s Amy saw Anrill walking towards her. She was completely naked exempt for her green and gold pendant which hung neatly between her bosoms, she looked extremely cross. But Amy didn’t notice any of this.
“Hey Anrill.”
Anrill didn’t respond. Instead she continued to approach Amy and raised her hand, and with all the strength she could muster sent it hurtling towards Amy’s face with an almighty slap that sent Amy sprawling to the floor, the sound echoing down the streets as a huge bang and a prolonged rumbling thud.

“GIVE HIM BACK NOW!” Anrill screamed angrily down at the somewhat stunned Amy.

Amy rolled onto her back and looked up at Anrill in surprise and put her hand to her cheek.
“You hit me. You never hit me.”
Anrill kneeled over Amy and looked her right in the face.
“Give me John or I’ll go medieval on you’re ass, now where is he?”
“Anrill you don’t look ok maybe you should lie down.”
Anrill grabbed Amy by her shirt and pulled her towards her
“I’ll only lie down when you give me John. Now where is he?”
Amy was about to answer when she began to shudder with pleasant feelings.

Anrill let go.
“You didn’t. Oh please tell me you didn’t shove him up you’re crack.”
When Amy didn’t respond Anrill slapped Amy across the face and pushed her to the floor. Grabbing Amy’s knickers with both hands Anrill pulled them down to her knees revealing two limp hands sticking out of Amy.

Without a second thought Anrill plunged her fingers into Amy’s slit and pulled a soaking wet John from within. He was barely moving, but still alive. Clutching him in her cupped hand she clutched him close to her like something fragile and valuable. As she stroked him with her thumb she whispered quietly to him, trying to both comfort and calm him as his quivering form rolled onto its side and coughed up wet goo from his lungs into her hand before rolling sprawled onto his back virtually unconscious. Carefully Anrill cupped her hand over the top of the other, so he wouldn’t fall and held him gently to her chest.

Looking up from her now tiny man she looked at Amy.

“Why Amy? why? After all I did for you today, why?”
Amy sat up and leaned against an unappreciative building with her hand to her face which bore a fixed expression.

“Because he raped you, Anrill. Because you always let them rape you. Just like last time, and the time before that and the three times before that. Every time you forget to take you’re fridge pills(*) you go into heat and end up having guys force there dicks in you, and every time I stop them. All because unlike normal women you let off macro levels of pheromones when you peak, even when tiny. But if you’re going to start getting violent I might not help you any more.”

To be continued…

(*) anti heat pills. Pills to stop females that go into heat from doing so.

Chapter 17

“Amy I slapped you for a good reason.”
Anrill looked down at the unconscious John, lying cradled in her cupped hands.
“For god sake Amy you nearly killed him.”

“So what? You’ve watched me kill before, and you’ve never even flinched because of that pussy foot oath of yours. Besides, the bastard he was raping you!”
“He was not raping me!” Anrill shot back
“Of cause he was. With those pheromone levels of yours you attract every week willed canine scuzzball in the room.”

“Amy what the hell are you talking about? That hasn’t happened since I quit being a test subject for Chem-O corp. It has nothing to do with this or fridge pills, taken or otherwise!”

There was a moment’s silence as Anrill let Amy inwardly digest this new piece of information.

Anrill looked down at John once more.
“Look, I’m sorry I slapped you Amy, bu…”
“What do you mean you were a test subject?”
Anrill looked back up at Amy, not in the least expecting the look of horrified concern written plainly across Amy’s face.

“I had no choice.”
“What do you mean you had no choice? You had plenty of choice.”
Anrill sighed.
“Look you know as well as I do how hard it is to find work being a registered macro. I mean, most employers are too scared to touch you with a ten foot barge pole(*). The only jobs going are in the military or as a piece of construction equipment.” Anrill glanced sideways at Amy “Or as a one woman wrecking team.”
Amy rolled her eye’s dreamily.
“I love my work.”
“And I have no desire what so ever to be an instrument of destruction and there hasn’t been a macro opening in the construction industry for years. So when Chem-o corp offered me a job I took it.”

“Why would such a company offer you a job?”
“Because I was an unemployed macro. They wanted someone to test out some performance enhancing drug for the frontline macro combatants, so they could carry bigger shield generators and stuff. Only thing was it fucked up my hormones. That’s why I left.”
“6 months ago. That’s why I don’t have any money. John here saved me on that front. Actually you should be thanking him with every muscle in you’re huge body, rather than trying to crush him.”
“And why” Amy shouted back “should I do that?”
“If it weren’t for him you’d never have been able to look you’re kids in the eye. If it weren’t for him I’d be out on the streets with nothing but the clothes I was standing in, [i][b]which didn’t include my pendant.[i][/b]”

She then turned round to face the destruction wrought upon John’s house. “And now we’ve got a gaping hole in our home.” Anrill sighed and once more sat down on the street below, crushing several of the unoccupied and abandoned cars beneath her huge naked rump. The sensation of which was not altogether unpleasant.

Anrill glanced down at the unconscious figure of John curled up in her hand. He was so cute, so small and naked. Reaching out her thumb carefully towards his small form she began to stoke him carefully with her thumb, and as she stroked him she watched his expression of fear turn slowly into a smile, her feelings of anger towards Amy faded away.

Without looking away from her little charge she spoke calmly to Amy
“So I guess you’re the one responsible for me not getting pregnant several times over?”
“Yeah. That was me.”
“I won’t even ask what you did with them. I’m not sure I want to know.”
“You do realise you’re naked and visible Anrill.” Amy said gesturing at Anrill’s naked form “This is a total first for you. You never do either, especially when you’re upsized. Why don’t you just ghost yourself like you always do?”
“I don’t want to drop John.”
“What him?”
Anrill looked up at Amy meaningfully, then down at John.
“You like him don’t you?”
Anrill hummed affirmatively.
“You’ve known him what 2 days?”
“Actually we met once before. He was pissed off his arse. So I doubt he remembers.” She smiled remembering “Sometimes, you just know.”

Amy got up from the floor shaking her head, causing the front of the building behind her to creak and crumble as her weight was redistributed.
“look, I… er… well I’m sorry about nearly Killing you’re new boyfriend. I’ll leave you two alone.”

With that said Amy picked up her knickers and walked off for her home, leaving John and Anrill alone.

With no one but herself Anrill pondered what to do next. What ever she did there was now allot of explaining to do. And allot of the explanations would lead inevitably to John finding out she was a macro. This was anything but an ideal situation. Up till recently the only guy that hadn’t totally flipped out at such news was Brian, the suicidal bunny. She hadn’t intended to tell John she was a macro till she had gotten him acclimatized to the idea. The last thing in the world she wanted right now was to loose him, but no matter what she thought of doing it always lead back to the truth. Her truth.

Anrill continued to sit there staring down at John, who still lay unconscious in her hand. For several private minutes they sat there together, till at last he showed signs of coming round.

Faced with the sudden realization that whatever happened next would shape the rest of there relationship, coupled together with it’s soon and imminent arrival Anrill suddenly felt very nervous. As John groaned Anrill stopped stroking him and glancing around she brought her cupped hands closer to her face, but not too close.

Then everything seemed to happen all at once. There was a sudden burst of light from her left and then another from her right. John rolled over in her hand. She glanced quickly from john to the ground and back. The flashes came again, then again, then more seemed to join in. shifting the waking John over to her right hand she stood up to her full height and the flashes roared away, blinding her with there intensity, forcing her to shield herself from there blinding light with her free hand.

Unable to see she stepped back and tripped. Toppling down and down in seeming slow motion, screwing up her eyes she braced herself for the impact. She came crashing down onto the street below with an almighty thud that was felt for miles around, yet somehow she had managed to keep her hand level in much the same way as someone with a drink in there hand does when they fall.

From the agitated sounds emanating from her palm she was certain John wasn’t in the most calm of states. She barely had time to reflect on her situation when she heard a helicopter blast past. Rolling over onto her side she tried desperately to ignore the flashing cameras, but even so she could barely see as she got to her feet. Trying as she did so to not raise her tail as she so instinctively did when raising from all fours… she failed miserably as nearly 15 high speed cameras flashed an untold number of images of her unhindered and huge crotch with two pendulous massive breasts hanging in shot.

Now back on her feet she chanced a glance at john, who now sat in a carefully clasped hand. He did not look calm at all, in fact he looked the exact opposite of calm. Waking up on a huge black palm that starts off on an uncertain rollercoaster ride of knocks, bumps and thuds is not exactly conducive to a calm state of mind. Neither for that matter is seeing snapshots of a huge, canine girl through holes in the hand that you just happen to be sitting in. Individual bits of whom would be heavy enough to crush you.

His reaction to her glance was not great either. He seemed to go from panicked to sheer bloody terrified. As the helicopter made another pass it made Anrill sure that here wasn’t the place to calm him down.

Closing her hand’s around him she pushed against the ground with her huge muscles and stepping forwards broke out into an elongated macro run, pouring mountains of energy, ounce by ounce into getting that momentum going.

As her naked paw pounded into ground flashes seemed to eminate from everywhere as camera’s recorded every visible inch of her giant naked body… as she raised her foot off the ground to take another colossal stride she wanted desperately to disappear… to cover herself… but didn’t dare.

She didn’t get another 2 strides from Johns flat before a black lightly armed military type Helicopter flew in front of her and parked midair while she was mid stride, right where her head was about to go and boomed out over a megaphone “halt”. She couldn’t stop, not in time and she dare not ghost, so she did the only thing she could. She ducked.

She didn’t duck far enough though and she clipped it with the top of her head.

Turning round while still running she watched as it wobbled dangerously around the sky flying far too close to the buildings for a few dangerous moments. Causing her to completely forget to look where she was treading and consequently things got crushed beneath the immense black pads of her paws. She didn’t dare look to see what.

Tearing her gaze from the chopper Anrill looked down at her feet and trod more carefully and began shouting out warnings.
“Out of my Way, big girl commin through.”
Though for some people this had the opposite of the desired effect as they stopped to see what was going on. Meaning yet more people got to see her in the nude.

She didn’t know where she was going, but it wasn’t here, she really didn’t like the look of that chopper. The country side, she would head for the country and downsize, that was it. Then she could calm down John. She was Just wondering how when the familiar sound of whirring blades emanated from behind her. And once more the megaphone spoke, this time with a crackle.

“Stop, you’re movement privileges have been revoked, you are now in violation of the Macro treaty, Stop now or we will shoot.”
Anrill knew what that meant. These were the macro Law enforcers, out of only a few spread across the country she had to run into them the one time she couldn’t simply disappear. Why now, why here. Why hadn’t she moved to America, the one place on earth without a macro treaty?

But whatever she was going to do now she had to do it fast. But she barely had time to move her leg let alone think, before she felt something hit her in the rump. She didn’t need to look, she knew. She had been darted. As all feeling and control began to leave her she began to loose control of her limbs. Her first step wobbled dangerously beneath her, but her second simply collapsed away from under her and she came toppling down to the ground, unable to move any of her muscles coherently. She hit the ground hard and skidded along the road and crashed head first into a defenceless building, which came toppling down on top of her. Unable to move her last thoughts as she lay face down in a pile of rubble as unconsciousness tightened its grip around her mind were of john.
A tear rolled down her cheack as she fell to an unhappy sleep.

* This is a saying i.e “I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot barge pole.” Sort of translates as ‘I would never dream of touching him.’

To be continued…

Chapter 18

With his eyes closed the world felt like a mad blur of swimming colours. When he opened his eye’s things didn’t improve, in fact the swirling colours became more vivid and became more confused as they mixed with the in indecipherable colours of the world. All he could make out were the impossible shades of red blue and purple. John lay there for a while feeling quite horrid in the head, passing in and out of consciousness till at last his head stopped swimming, and the colours of the world returned slowly back to normal.

Still feeling somewhat woozy he cautiously sat up and opened his eyes for the umpteenth time. Though the vivid colours the lack of blood to the head had caused him to see had all but gone, the fact his eye’s were open didn’t really improve things, as there wasn’t nearly enough light to see by. All he could see was an enormously long and thin crack of light piercing through the blackness way above him. But despite the shaft of lights it was so far up that down here on the ground it made little difference if any.

Looking around he gave up and lay back down. He couldn’t see anything anyway so what was the point, and the way his head felt he didn’t think it wise to try and walk just yet. (*)

As he lay there he felt himself over to see if anything was broken and was pleasantly surprised to find nothing more than a few bumps and scrapes, especially considering the experiences that had lead to him being here and not in his flat. But then where was here? He gave another quick glance around but couldn’t see anything exempt the odd swimming patch of red, which he presumed was to do with him having (understandably) fainted.

Putting his head back down on the ground he tried to think back. The last thing he could remember was the bumpy rollercoaster ride inside of god only knew what, and then whatever it had been had fallen a long way, followed by a dirty great thud… he couldn’t remember anything after that. But that still didn’t explain where here was.
‘But’ he consoled himself ‘wherever I am has to be better than suffocating inside that giants knickers.’

So closing his eye’s (which he couldn’t see anything with anyway) he concentrated on what his other senses were telling him.

He could hear a distinct low rumbling hum that seemed to have a strange distorted and echoey quality. He could only guess what that was. He could also hear the sound of air rushing in and then out then in again in long drawn out blasts. By this he guessed he must be in some kind of room with a highly powerful and unconventional air conditioning unit pumping, by the sound of it huge quantities of air. Sniffing the air he could smell the distinct odour of oil, dust and metal shavings, but there was something else in the air, a strong and familiar smell.

As he sniffed at the air to follow this strange, yet familiar smell his nose was drawn to the floor, when for the 1st time he realized just how unusual this floor was. Especially for what was surely a metal room. It was warm soft and squashed when pressed. It was also covered in short thin round stalks of what he assumed to be some kind of weird leafless plant. A bizarre variant of grass perhaps. But what was weird was the ground smelled strongly of a girl… a canine girl… a smell that instantly reminded him of Anrill.

This sudden realization caused a wave of misery to wash over him, for wherever he was whatever had happened and however he had got here, he doubted Anrill was anywhere near hear. He just prayed that she hadn’t ended up in the belly of that huge monstrous wolf.
‘Oh god’ he thought ‘I hope I’m not in the stomach of that thing.’
But almost as he thought this he realized that he couldn’t be in it’s belly. If he were in a stomach he would be swimming in stomach acid and dissolving slowly and painfully. The mere thought made him shudder. Also the ground definitely wouldn’t be covered in plants, weird though they were.

The next few hours went by in total uneventful darkness. He was just wondering how he was going to get out when all of a sudden the entire room shook and the deafening sound of metal hitting metal rang, echoed and reverberated around the room, bouncing off the unseen walls with deafening volume. And It didn’t just shake, it was like being in a deafening earthquake. And just to ad insult to injury as he held his ears in pain, it seemed that the ground was literally being dragged from beneath him. It was as if he and the room had been going fast. And now it was decelerating rapidly, causing John to be hurled forwards first through the air and then sliding along the unseen grass.

He grabbed frantically at the grass, but couldn’t seem to get a grip. He gripped and grabbed and groped and slid and slipped through the blackness, till finally with a jerk he came to a stop with a clump held firmly in both hands. The world around him had stopped moving. And now apparently so had he. And not a moment too soon. Where he had stopped the ground was falling away, and his feet hung just over the edge.

He was just about to haul himself back up when he heard the sounds of footsteps echo through the metallic room like hammers banging on a metal drum. Then with the sound of whirring motors, a thin shaft of light slid open and let in a blinding shaft of light. He screwed his eye’s shut unable to see, now for a very different reason and clung on to those plants even harder.

While he was still blinded by the light he heard voices from above.
“Is that her?”
“Yeah that’s her.”
“Caw now those are what I call tits.”
“Oh yeah, if she weren’t so huge I’d jump in there and fuck her right now.”
“I know what you mean.”
There was a short pause during which John made out an outline of 2 guys peering through a metres wide hole in the ceiling.
“So what they bring her in for?”
“Let me check her list of offences….” He cleared his throat “Being in city with an expired roaming licence… destroying public and private property while violating roaming licence… avoiding tracking while under suspicion… resisting arrest… eating someone and prolonged unemployment... I expect that last one’s the reason she’s been brought here and not simply been taken to the re education site.”
There was another pause.
“Damn I envy the combatant that gets to go with her.”
“ha…me to. Anyway were not here for that. Hand me that anti trank missile.”

John heard the sound of a gun being handed over, then now able to more or less see, he watched and heard the missile fire downwards. He screwed up his eye’s expecting an explosion. The ground beneath him jumped slightly… then… then nothing.

He opened his eyes. He looked up and watched as the two men turned and left, talking to one another. What on earth was going on? Who were those people? Who were they talking about? What were they talking about? And why had they fired a missile that hadn’t gone boom?

Then that familiar humming sound started again, only much clearer and without the distortion. There was a twang of wires going taught and the entire roof simply lifted off. As the roof just flew away John spied just the corner of, but it was unmistakable. He saw an army super strength hover lifter. The kind of things they used to move entire bridges or small warships about, or indeed anything that was incredibly heavy. Not something that was ever used to cart around anything lighter than a squad of tanks. That meant he was in an enclosed box of what he could now see were of ginormous proportions with presumably something very big, and very heavy.

The floor rumbled beneath him and he heard, or rather felt through the floor, a groan.
That was when he noticed the grass he was holding onto was white. There was no way it was grass. Looking around him he realized he had seen a place like this before, only last time it had been in the shadow of a humungous pair of knickers. He was dangling on the precipice of a giant female crotch.
His heart started to beat nine to the dozen as the giant he was clinging to groaned once more and he saw an enormous hand swing above the horizon of the giants body and disappear. He assumed to the giants head.
“[b]OH MY HEAD[/b].” He heard the giant boom. A sound which echoed up through his entire body.

He had to escape he had to run, but how? If he let go there was no telling how far he would fall, or onto what. If he stayed where he was and just hung on. No doubt he would be discovered and be plunged once more into the cavernous crack which opened up just below his knees.

Just as he was about to let go and trust to fate the ground moved again. But this time it really moved. It rocketed forwards as the giant propped itself up and in doing so dragged its crotch, and John with it, sending him flying forwards. He hung on fore deer life till the crotch came to a stop at the other end of the room and he was slammed into it. But somehow he managed to hang on. But in doing so he had jerked at the fur of this tremendous giant, and by the wet feeling around his legs he was pretty sure he’d just put his foot in it. He just hoped really really hard that it was thick skinned enough not to have noticed.

He looked up along its body. Its huge white boobs, each bigger than 4 double Decker busses side by side, framed a muzzle of terrifying proportions between them. Which was now tilting downwards towards him. For the life of him he couldn’t think what to do as the massive giants gaze was drawn irrevocably towards him. He watched as the expression on that giant face turned from one of wonder to a smile. If there was one thing he didn’t like, it was huge giant women with multi bus sized boobs and car sized hands smiling at him. The giant bent forwards, it’s huge bosoms swaying forwards in apparent slow motion as it reached out its colossal hands towards him.

He tried to climb, maybe if he could get on her leg he could at least run. But he had barely lifted himself up half a foot when its hands were upon him. Each closing in on him from either side. Its huge fingers sliding themselves underneath him till he was within the clutch of the monsters hands. He tried desperately to cling onto the fur in a desperate hope that it might pull him from the grasp of this behemoth, but the fur was tawn easily from his hands, and with it went all his hope.

He was doomed he was sure of it. As he rose towards the head of the giant he just became more and more sure of it. He would now either be used as a dildo or as a light snack. Either way he was finished. He sat down on one of the palms of the two hands which now imprisoned him and prepared himself for the worst.
‘Well’ he thought ‘if I’m going out I may as well go out with dignity.’

And as the hands opened up like a huge black and brown flower he stood up and thrust his naked chest and crotch forward heroically and at the same time he screwed up his eye’s not wanting to see his doom coming. If he was going to die. He might as well do it with some dignity. This he forgot however was completely impossible when you’re bolock naked

Then the giants voice boomed, its breath blasting over him like a small whirlwind.
“John? … Is that you?”
John half opened an eye, just to peek, but otherwise didn’t move.
“Oh my god John it is you.”
The hands moved beneath him and john wobbled but managed to stay upright.
“Oh my god I’m so glad you’re alright.”

The giant moved its head so that the top of its muzzle now stretched out like a catwalk in front of him. A catwalk leading from an unimaganably large black nose to two unnaturally huge eye’s, both trained on him, each iris a pitch black pool larger than his head… two unnaturally huge, yet somehow familiar eyes.

“John it’s me… Anrill.”
As john ingested this statement he fell to his bum** in sheer surprise. It couldn’t be… but it was… he knew it was… those eyes, those ears, the smell… and now he thought about it, he recognized those boobs too. This megalith, this humongous terrifying giant of a woman, was his girlfriend.

More to come…

(**) Bum = Arse (for all u Americans out there)

(*) for those of you that haven’t experienced a full on faint (and mabe some who have) let me explain that the symptoms John experiences are directly based on my personal experience of a full on faint.
Also I would like to add for you sceptics out there that fainting is not a sissy thing. It is caused by lack of oxygen to the brian… the body’s natural response to this is to force you to keel over so you’re body is horizontal. This way it is easier and quicker to get blood and therefore oxygen to the brain. (also the fact you’re not using you’re brain when you full on faint, helps)

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How I know what a full on faint is like.

When I was young and doing a test (I did not fake this) my head started feeling all funny and heavy. Even once I got passed the 1st aid section with bones pocking out of peoples legs. (I am and was a kid with a very vivid imagination). The drawings didn’t help much either. The exact feeling I felt is impossible to describe. And like the trooper I was I carried on with the test as best I could. But when the world started going funny colours I eventually decided there was something seriously wrong with me. I therefore went ahead, not knowing I was experiencing a lack of oxygen to the brain and did the worst thing possible… I stood up. So by the time I was telling teacher I was feeling funny, all the worlds natural colours had been replaced with a weird wash of odd ones that blurred over into each other turning the world into a darkening mix of blue, purple and red. Not to mention the horrid heavy thick feeling I had in my head. After having said my piece I didn’t really know what was going on, my mind was becoming too thick with whatever. Basically I was having trouble thinking period. I was apparently lead out the class room by a less than believing teacher and through the door bumping uncontrollably into said teacher on rout where having gone through the door I instantly keeled over. Now the weird bit is I didn’t know I’d keeled over and as far as I was concerned literally no time had passed since I had blearily passed through that door, to the time I woke up on my side in the nurses office (even though we didn’t have a nurse.) but apparently I’d been out cold for about an hour and a half. And the world was still in odd colours. It took ages for reality to come back to normal colour. But considerably less time about 15 mins for me to get my about 8 year old brain working properly once more… and I still remember this event vividly to this day. After that on the few occasions I feel like I’m about to faint I do the sensible thing and don’t wait for gravity to make me fall over. I lay down allowing blood back into my considerably sized brain. And if that doesn’t work I go outside or anywhere where there’s more oxygen in the air… for some bizarre reason this seems to include toilets.

P.S pleas talk about the story as well as this fainting bit at the end. I added it so you don’t go saying… that’s not what fainting is like… why on earth would John see odd colours when there’s no light. Well now you know why I added that stuff.

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