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A child's imagination or the real thing?
The child stood up and crossed the narrow road to the steady flowing stream. She dipped her dust covered feet into the water. It felt cool and soothing on her tired soles. She sat down and let her feet soak. A noise from the bushes across the stream startled her. She got into a crouching position ready to run if she had to. A creature came stumbling into view. It was the most magnificent thing the child had ever seen. A small, silvery foal stood on the other side. But it was no ordinary foal for it had a silver horn shining in the bright moonlight. A unicorn. She was sure of it.

The child sat staring, amazed at the sight in front of her. She noticed a golden chain around its neck. The unicorn crossed the stream. The water barely rippled around its hooves. It reached the child and gently nuzzled her shoulder. It's hungry she realized. She reached into the small pocket in her dirty dress and pulled out two small carrots and an apple. She washed all three off and slowly fed the carrots to the unicorn and ate the apple. The child suddenly realized how hungry and tired she was. She moved a little way up the bank and curled into a ball and was soon fast asleep.

The unicorn however stood over the child and looked down at her. The child's hair and dress were brown with mud and dirt.


The next morning the child woke up to find herself in a bed in a large room. A lady in a long green robe rushed over to the bedside.

"What's wrong?"

"Where... where am I?" The child stumbled on the words.

"Home of course silly." The lady left the room. Shaking her head with a smile on her face. The child lifted her hands to her head. Her hair wasn't tangled with mud. Then a flash caught her eye. A mirror. Her reflection. She looked closer into the mirror. A gold chain hung around her neck. She touched the gold chain with her fingers and a tear came to her eyes.
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