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Family and friends are more precious than diamonds.
    Most of you, probably, have no idea what you’re about to read. The title doesn’t completely express the main idea of the composition. It doesn’t directly refer to the theme, but it is related.

    Think for a while. What could be more precious than diamonds? Diamonds cost a lot of money. They’re pretty pricey, indeed. They cost a lot more than gold which weigh million times their weight. Yes, a lot of things can be considered as more precious than diamonds. One thing I’m certain about is more important than carrying a bag of diamonds in your pocket. It is something even more difficult to find because you never know that they are just right in front of you.

    They say that if you own one single diamond, you’re wealthy. In this kind of case, jewelries that contain diamond don’t really count because the kind of diamond I’m referring to is a pure one. Pure and natural diamonds are better than ones which are turned into jewelries for women to wear.

    Have you ever found a diamond? If yes, what kind of diamond did you find in this world? Is it literally a diamond or a diamond deep inside a person? It’s true that we have a diamond deep inside our hearts. That represents our uniqueness in this world, since God created us in a very exceptional way.

    I’ve found a lot of diamonds in my life. Technically, they’re not diamonds that you could sell for $10,000. These kinds of diamonds that I have are NOT for sale. I’d rather keep them than to be a millionaire. I’d rather keep the diamonds I found because if you sold them in the first place, you just can’t simply get it back.

    I can honestly say that I’m wealthy deep inside because I have a lot of diamonds in my pocket. They really mean a lot to me. Are you starting to get where I’m leading to? Yes, I’m talking about my family and friends. They’re more precious than diamonds. I’m sure you consider them more precious than diamonds, don’t you? You can’t sell them because they are a very huge part of your life. You can’t purchase people. You can’t buy your friends. That’s why you earn friends by being a good individual, not buying them through the process of cash. If you wanna have friends, you have to be a friend.

    Diamonds may provide you wealth and happiness. It’s true, but only for the beginning you bought those diamonds. As time passes by and diamonds rust, they’re not really that valuable anymore. That’s why there are a lot more things that are more precious than diamonds, people who care about you. They won’t leave you behind. They won’t dare commit something that would hurt you. They would do anything for you. They will last forever.

    This proves that the quotation “True friends are like diamonds; they are hard to find” is true. True friends, like your family and friends, are there for you in times of tears and joy. A dog is considered as man’s best friend. They always keep you company as soon as you grow a good relationship with him. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t sell your diamonds. It’s hard to earn them back.
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