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My mother and the tree cutters.
Have you ever been visited by those bible thumpers?  You know those people that bring pamphlets to your door step? Or maybe they bring those little bibles?  Well, either way they usually try to sell you something about living a sin free life and speaking of heaven.  Well, my family got paid a visit once -and we didn't even know it!

When I was still living at home with my mom and little sister we had a little problem.  Our porch was built around a birch tree and as a it grew it pushed on the porched and in turn the porched pushed on the house!  There was so much pressure that we started getting cracks in our walls!  We called our landlord and told her about the problem.  She said that she knew some people that could come and cut it down and so we trusted her.

The next week a couple came pulling into our driveway.  They came with climbing tools and ropes.  I was wondering how they were going to cut down the tree.  Soon they hooked up the equipment and started to climb the tree with a chainsaw.  They cut off the parts of the tree piece by piece and slowly let them down with ropes.

This whole time, my mom was out there talking, using swear words, and drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes.  They seemed to find her entertaining and laughed at her jokes. 

However halfway done with cutting the tree, one of their ropes that was tied around one of the pieces slipped out of their hands.  We watched as the piece landed on the porch and broke one of the boards.  I could tell my mom was mad but she wouldn't show it and instead she laughed and made a joke about it.

Soon the tree was finished being cut down.  Then I watched as they handed my mom a pamphlet.  I kept watching and could tell she was embarrassed and she put on a charade trying to rebuild the image they had of her.

After they left, she came inside and told me about everything I had just seen.  In the end we were both laughing and wondering what those Jehovah's Witnesses were thinking as they drove off.  But then she remembered her porch had been broke.
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