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Recorded @ Studio 69 C & P 2008 Sikend Music C2M2Music.com Lyrics by: David Powell
Don't say another f@ckin word
we've heard all this before
can't stand the vileness in
your every being
Let me tell you about consequence
when you face us in the end
we will destroy you
you f@ckin hypocrites

If we Rise up
we will conquer
this is our anthem
they must die

Demoralized and Broken
thats the way you want us to stay
manipulate the system
killing your own people
your foot is on our throats
can't breathe, can hardly move
as long as they have power
theres nothing we can do

Not Again
Not Again
Listen to me
we won't take this anymore
things have got to change

You've taken what you wanted
what you don't use you burn
our visions that you've wasted
has made our stomachs turn
Revolution!!! Revolution!!!!
the people they must rise
feasting on disorder
there will be no compromise!!
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