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Feelings of romance towards a friend but remembering you're just friends
"Just Friends"

You've been away so far
You've been away so long
Without so much as a post card
Without so much as a phone call

I've thought about you from time to time
I had a dream and you were in it
I opened my eyes
There were no movements
The room was dead silent

I kept your name out of my morning prayer
You're my secret, my omission, even from God
I asked for blessings, for purification
I didn't ask for you
From the start my prayer was flawed

I let the phone ring twice
It wasn't you
A post card came at four o'clock
It wasn't you
Are you away too far?
Has it been too long?

Afraid now of who you've become
Of who you might be
Afraid now of who I've become
Of who I might be
Strangers to the core
Heart wrenching completely numb

As familiar as a signature
Your voice plays out inside my mind
Our every conversation played out
I remember who you were
I remember who I am
Who we were together
Friends to the bitter end
Heartwarming completely true

By: Prestina Lane
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