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by wiggy
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #1428994
A repetition poem, written in tribute of my Grandma.
I miss the way you used to laugh at a good joke
I miss the way you used to chew on a toothpick after a big meal
I miss the way you used to shrug your shoulders and say, "que sera sera,"
          Whatever will be will be, when I was too worried or uptight
I miss the way you used to talk to your beloved bird Petie,
          As if he understood what you were saying

I miss your hair, white and fluffy as clouds
I miss your bright smile, contagious as the common cold
I miss your heartfelt advice, which sometimes went unheeded
I miss your laid-back attitude about life

I miss the games we played late into the night
          And how you always beat me
I miss the family gatherings at your house-
          The wonderful food,
          The hearty laughter, especially when Uncle Tim did impressions,
          My aunts playfully arguing over who was prettier,
          The way the worries and hassles of everyday life were forgotten
I miss the beautiful flowers you grew
          The orange lilies,
          The fragrant white tulips,
          The red roses,
          The yellow daises,
          The moonflowers we watched opening quickly at dusk,
          The dark green leaves of the strong spearmint we loved to chew on

I miss the feeling of contentment I had whenever you were near
I miss how, just when I thought I knew all there was to know about you,
          I would learn something new
I miss the deep-seated memories I had of you,
          Slowly fading away

But most of all, I miss you being a part of my life,
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