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I will be writing as Mary Boleyn, Anne's sister.
*Flower2* *Flower4* *Flower5* I am Mary Boleyn. I am Anne's sister. Anne and I were so close. We loved each other dearly and were never jealous of each other until King Henry VIII came along. He was handsome and charming at first. Anne and I both loved him. Father and uncle wanted Anne to be King Henry's mistress. They wanted her to have his son. Queen Catherine was unable to have a son except for the stillborn son that was born recently. Anne wanted to find a husband. She wanted to fall in love. I had just married Harry Carey. I thought I loved Harry. His lovemaking was awkward but it was new to us. I nursed the King back to health after his falling off his horse accident at the Boleyn Estate. Henry was supposed to be with Anne so I tried not to flirt with him. When he was better, he wanted Anne and I to stay at his castle and Harry became a member of his court. Queen Catherine wanted me to be a singer for her. Anne and I were ladies in waiting. Henry wanted me and invited me to his bed. When Henry and I made love, it was so passionate and I no longer wanted Harry. I fell in love with Henry. Mine and Harry's marriage was annulled. I felt sorry for Harry but Henry was all I could think about. Anne was angry with me and felt betrayed. I felt bad for Anne but the King wanted me. Anne was flirting with Henry Percy. He was engaged to Mary Talbot. When Anne told me that she and Henry Percy were married, I told father and uncle. The Talbots would make trouble and Anne had to be protected from their wrath. Father and uncle annulled Anne's marriage to Henry Percy and she hated me. She said she would never forgive me . I was heartbroken. Father sent Anne to France.

*Flower4* *Flower2* *Flower5* King Henry and I spent several more nights in his bed. I became pregnant with his child. I was so happy. I was in danger of losing the baby. I had to be in bed until the baby was born. Henry never came to see me. I would ask to see him but he never came. Anne came back from France. Rumor had it that Henry wanted Anne and he was buying her presents. The maids said he was in love with her. Anne came to see me. She told me that Henry loved and wanted her. He was going to divorce the Queen and marry her. She told me I was a whore having a bastard. She laughed when I cried.

*Flower3* *Flower5* I gave birth to a baby son. King Henry would want me now. He loved me. Henry stood outside my room when I was holding the baby. I asked him to come in and see his son. He embraced Anne in front of me and kissed her. Henry didn't care that I had his son. He loved Anne. How could he treat me this way? He and Anne smiled at me in a cruel way. Two days later, Anne forced me to go back home to the Boleyn Estate. My son and I left the next day.

*Flower4* *Flower5* King Henry sent for me a few months later. I left the baby with the maids. Henry told me that Mary Talbot said Anne had married Henry Percy and consumated their marriage before she went to France. He said he trusted me to tell him the truth. He regarded me with affection. I lied to protect Anne. I said that Mary Talbot had lied. Henry kissed my cheek. He told me that my son and I could stay at the castle if we wanted. MY SON. HE HAD FORGOTTEN THAT THE BABY WAS HIS SON, TOO. Anne welcomed me with open arms and told me that she was sorry for the way things were between us. She was miserable with Henry. Henry ignored the daughter that she and Henry had. I stayed with her and I wanted to help raise Elizabeth. Henry had raped Anne. That was their first time. How sad. I am the lucky one after all. Anne became pregnant again. She miscarried the baby a few months later. She sent for George and I. She was afraid what Henry would do when he found out. She wanted our brother George to make love to her so she could get pregnant! I WAS APPALLED! I took my son and left to go home to the Boleyn Estate. A few days later, I received word from a messenger that George and Anne were to be beheaded.Henry knew what George and Anne had done. I went to the castle to beg for their lives. I was too late for George. He had already being beheaded. Father and uncle had caused this whole mess. George was dead. I was brokenhearted. I begged Henry to spare Anne. King Henry promised not to hurt Anne or me again. He told me to never ask him for anything again. I promised I wouldn't.

*Flower4* *Flower5* *Flower6* I went to see Anne. She told me that she wished we were children again. She thanked me for talking to Henry. It was no use. She was to be beheaded. King Henry had lied to me. He lied to Anne and I ever since we had met him. King Henry was an evil bastard and we hated him. He came between Anne and I. He hurt Queen Catherine. So had Anne and I. I stayed with Anne all night. We hugged good bye and I promised to raise Elizabeth. The night went so fast.

*Flower4* {e:flower:5} Anne was beheaded the next morning. I left without a word to Henry. Elizabeth stayed with me most of the time. Henry had four more wives. His next wife Jane died in childbirth along with the baby. It was a boy.I gave birth to the King's son. He didn't want us. I hated the King. King Henry was miserable his whole life. He died and his daughter Elizabeth became Queen. Anne would be so proud. I fell in love with someone else and married. I always kept Anne and George in my heart. Father had passed on and uncle was later beheaded. Served him right. I dream every night of Anne and George. This beings me peace. I will see them again someday. Henry had no male heirs except for our son. I feel justice was served and that Anne and I had won.Every dark cloud has a silver lining after all.
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Beautiful Poser of Mary Boleyn by best friend Angel.
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