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Calley has an allergic reaction to something in a gully and goes back in time
Calley and her horse Cosmo were on a trail with her friend, Jill on a hot summer day. It was going so well until Cosmo tripped along a fairly deep gully. Calley slipped out of the saddle but caught hold of the horn. Cosmo slid down the steep side of the gully and landed on his feet at the bottom. Calley let go once Cosmo was safe. "Are you alright?" Jill called, stopping her horse and dismounting to come to the edge of the gully.
         "Yeah I think so. I'm going to check Cosmo over," Calley hollered. Calley quickly looked Cosmo over making sure that he wasn't limping, bleeding, or bruised. "Cosmo is okay!"
         "Good. I don't have a rope and if I come down I won't be able to get back up either," Jill said.
         "I don't... want you to...come..." Calley felt very dizzy all of a sudden.
         "CALLEY! Answer me, are you alright?" Jill called in a panic. This had only happened to Calley once before and that was when she had a horrible reaction to something. Calley's vision blurred and everything when dark. Jill knew she couldn't leave her friend this way so she grabbed her notebook and a pen from her pocket. Jill was an avid writer so she always had a pen and notebook with her in case she got an idea for another story.

         I am on Guss's Path. My friend has had a horrible reaction to something. She fell down a gully, with her horse, and passed out. I know I can't leave her so I sent Paco, here back. I'm going into the gullly to help my friend. If you can please come as soon as you get this. Please bring a rope. I will be so relieved. Don't worry about calling a vet or doctor. My friend's horse is fine and my friend has a needle that she needs to take at the stable.
This is urgent so please don't delay.
                   In Need,
                   Jill Anders
                   And friend,
                   Calley Bellamy.

Jill attached the note to Paco's bridle with her hair band and sent Paco back to the stable.
         Calley wasn't sure if she was still out or not cause she was in a strange place. It was like an old western movie. "Is she okay?" a man's voice asked.
         "Oh, she'll be fine. Now go and tell Mary that we need some place for her to sleep," a lady informed. Calley sat up in the uncomfortable bed that she was in.
         "Huh? Where am I? And who are you?" she asked propping herself up on her elbows.
         "Oh dear you're in River Town. I'm Anna, and this old man is my husband and county sherif Duke. How did you get to these here parts?" Anna asked.
         "I-I don't know and my name is Calley," Calley said looking around.
         "Well your in good hands now.... Oh dear not again," A loud crowd thundered by. Duke ran out and mounted a large white horse with dinner plate sized feet.
         "Whoa! What was that about?" Calley asked.
         "Varments! They like to come around these parts and cause riots. Last time Jon, my son was caught in one and well his left hand will never be the same," Anna said shaking her head.
         "Is Cosmo here? " Calley asked.
         "Cosmo? Oh you mean your pertty little horse, yes he's here," Anna said. Calley sat on the edge of the bed and looked around for her boots and found them under the edge ot the bed. Out side the air smelt of gun powder and was hot. The sun was bright orange as it looked like it was starting to set. Cosmo was tied to a hitching post next to her. A shoot out was going on up the road out side of a saloon. Calley walked slowly toward the two people who were ready to draw their guns. All of a sudden there was a rattle of the holsters and they both drew their gun. The person closest to Calley shot the other one and turned and walked toward her.
         "Howdy! Now tell me you didn't just see that. I know who you are," he said.
         "What? How? I'm Calley," Calley said a little stunned.
         "Hi there little lady," the man said extending his hand.
         "Hi. How do you know me?" she asked.
         "My mom is Anna," he said.
         "Are your Jon, then?" Calley asked scwinting.
         "Yeah. Is that your pony?" Jon asked looking past her at Cosmo who was comicly chewing his reins.
         "Ha, yeah that's Cosmo, but he's not a pony," Calley said looking back.
         "Sorry. You might want to stop him or he'll chew right through your good set of reins," Jon said walking past her and into the sherif station. Calley followed and slapped Cosmo gentlely in the nose to stop him.
         "Were you involved in that shoot out?" Anna said crossly.
         "Aw, mom, don't worry about that," Jon said.
         "You were, weren't you? You know your daddy is going to have to put in one of these here cells if you don't behave yourself!" Anna said. Duke came back.
         "Those dang blasted hooligins! I chased them out for now but they won't stay gone! You can make sure of that," Duke said.
         "Ah so who was it this time?" Anna asked.
         "Jessie Andrews!" Duke said.
         "Again?" Anna gasped.
         "I heard she was after Calley here, for something," Duke said.
         "What? I didn't do anything!" Calley said.
         "Cosmo, Cosmo...Um sorry to be the barer of bad news, but Calley your horse is Jessie's mare's foal from what I remeber," Jon said.
         "Your right! Cosmo was stollen when he was about a yearlying and she never found him,"  Anna gasped.
         "Well let's forget about that for now. I think our guest is getting a little hungry," Duke said.
         The next few days were quiet, relitively anyway. Jon was showing Calley how a shoot out works. And how a revolver works.
         "Jessie's back. Are you ready?" Jon asked as a lone girl on her horse ran up to them.
         "Well hello there little Jon! Is this the girl that stole Cosmo here?" She asked dismounting.
         "Ah, that depends," Calley muttered.
         "What was that girly?" Jessie asked looking her up and down.
         "I hope you know how to work one fo these," Jessie said holding up her revolver.
         "Who doesn't!" Calley barked.
         "Okay so you  think you can handle me well then Jon get out of the way, we're gonna have us a shoot out here," she said.
         "Calley walked backwards for about ten yards away from Jessie and stood ready. It happened so fast. Calley's gun got stuck in the hoster and Jessie had already fired when Calley finally got it out. A sering pain hit Calley in the chest.

         Jill had got back with Calley and their instructor and gave Calley her shot in the shoulder. Which must have been the seiring pain she felt in her dream. In a few minutes Calley was opening her eyes. "That was weird! I was in an Old Western Movie or something like that and I was in a shoot out but I didn't make it," Calley babbled.
         "It was a dream don't worry, your back at the stables," Jill said.
         "You'll be okay now," her riding instructor said.
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