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In the midnight hour of the fallen rains awaits the trail by tears.
Stormy skies, fallen hearts.
Souls that dance by the oceans waves just long enough to understand that the life they live is that of a dream.
Whispering of the Eastern winds, the hallowing of the voices of the past.
Sing to me fore, but I am your siren.
I watch the shadows fall of the past disappears to the mooring of tomorrow.
Lighting flashes around the earth.
Voices rise that once was of the past are not so long ago in the past.
Yet they speak though me.
I am the past yet not of the future.
I know of no present yet within the depths of my heart the ways of those before me.
I have come to a point that I am that of my past.
As my soul soaks to the earth like midnight rains the land before me I see a shadow of what is to become and yet not for that of questioning.
Sounds of the drum bring me home.
Feelings of the heart are left standing, yet what of thy soul?
Raise to the top of the mountain, sister of the earth yet not fall fore the ways of your people’s past will not fail you.
I look upon myself and see that of a daughter of the winds and a sister to the people.
Past is past yet the future is certain and the present will remain that of a reflection of how my ancestors will teach me of today.
Walk along the sandy beaches of the ocean, what do you hear?
Time is all that is heard.
Hush the voices are not dead from your past you can hear the song of today within the song of that sings inside your soul and in your mind.
I don’t know where the dance of time will lead me.
I do know that to follow in the steps of those past will lead me to understand that of who am I now and yet at the same time to make my own path is to lead me to whom I will be before I that of an ancestor myself.
Light the path show me a shadow give me your footprints to let me learn of what once was and to be what once is.
Take flight take hold ancestors you are not forgotten.
Rejoice fore now that rains of life have given me the clues to uncovering your puzzle that is set forward and to be solved.
Ancestors walk along with me let me see that of how life and understanding was when walked this earth.
Watch towards the West. See the sun upon rising behold a new day.
Foot steps guide me towards a cave do I follow?
Yes alas I know my journey is to begin once I’ve learned to step forward and without fear.
The cave waits as do I of judgment.
“Child you cannot fear what you don’t know because to fear that is to hold you back then you shall not grow “whisper the voices of my ancestors. I know the voice as I’ve heard them whisper to me before though my dreams.
“I don’t fear what I don’t know only in which is a new path of walking and thus understanding”, my heart whispered back to the voice but I knew within the voices of my ancestors were right.
Move forth and see how you grow and the questions and answers in which you seek will be revealed to you from your heart.
Twilight interwoven with dawn I know that the time is now.
Moving forward yet learning to embrace that of my past to accept the shadows of me and then the shadows of my ancestors will come to me like the dusk comes to night.
Alone in the dense of the Forrest the past is unveiled.
Voices of the past I’ve come to embrace and to love you.
Turning south I see a cave once more .This time walking over to the cave I step forth and go inside.
What do I see?
Only that of tomorrow.
Is this what I was scared of? Only what is on the horizons.
I have no answer, only the winds at my feet and the emptiness of yesterday is gone.
I walk back towards the forest only feeling once more the rains at my back but this time I know that I am not the same person who walked to that cave.
I know that I have grown I do realize that the voice was right.
“Child, sister to the rains have you no care to see how far you’ve grown since you first found that cave”? Whispered that same voice from that of what is my past.
“Oh but dear ancestor it was just Tomorrow when tomorrow is yet to come”? I said to the voice.
“That my dear child is why you’ve come to see the next part of understanding who we are and you who are “spoke the voice this time.
I closed my eyes to feel the eastern winds blowing across my soul letting it embrace my heart.
I awoke you find myself in the bed I fell asleep on.
Did I dream the cave and the forest?
No I looked around the room to find myself looking at a feather that was at the foot of the bed from a red tail hawk whom helped me to find the cave oh so long ago and a small round stone of many red and gold coloring.
“Grandmother, grandmother, was I dreaming or did I really find the cave in which was for so long just a dream or was it real”, II spoke to my grandmother.
“Only you can answer that my child, are you still scared of what tomorrow might bring to you” she spoke to me.
“Oh no grandmother I’ve learned how to embrace that of tomorrow and have a new understanding of what it is to realize the past” I whispered but I was not only talking to her but to the voices of my ancestors.
All in truth was in need of understanding was that the past is within me and the future rests in my heart of now and the present is always a reminder not to forget who are my ancestors are and thus they will live forever if I listen to them from my soul.
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