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“Judge not – lest ye be judged!” What's YOUR perspective?
Judgmental Eyes...

I walk amongst the crowd
As I go through my day;
Their silence speaks aloud
While quietly they say,
“Just look at him
Who wears the skin
Of one who’s plainly gay.”

They smirk and stare in doubt;
With judgments harshly made.
In ignorance they spout
Distasteful jokes of A.I.D.S.
How I despise
Judgmental eyes –
Their hatred so pervades…

Some think that I can’t see –
Assume that I don’t hear.
How wrong can someone be?
I shudder in their fear.
I’m just a guy
Who’s asking why
You call me names like – ‘queer’?

Disgust depicts both sides
As blatant freedoms ring.
A thick air subdivides
My rights – with wrongs you bring.
What have I done
That makes you shun
With words that clearly sting?

Your mores hold on tight –
Regarding his and hers.
You dare to deem what’s right
As blasphemy occurs.
You curse – you doom,
You share your gloom;
While prejudice transfers.

I hang my head down low;
And close my eyes in shame.
There’s nowhere I can go
Where someone won’t proclaim
That I stand cursed –
Among the worst
Of humans – not the same...

“Judge not – lest ye be judged!”
(So say our holy books)
How freely you’ve begrudged –
With caustic, vicious looks.
You glare right through
With thoughts – untrue;
I grapple in your hooks...

Just take a breath – less mean;
And get to know my heart.
What you think so obscene
Is God’s most holy art.
I stand a Man
Formed by His hand.
Perfection from the start…

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