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I may not be who I was yesterday. Please review this!!!!
Yesterday, your desire to intimidate me with your materialised success arrested your mind,
And sought to feed my many insecurities
You stood in front of a broken shell with intent to devastate further
Keeping me down and helpless makes you feel better

Then my words uttered softly, immediately followed by mockery
'If you leave me standing in darkness today
Don’t look for me there tomorrow
If you see me broken, on my hands and knees today
You won’t find my handprint on the ground tomorrow
Everything you said to me today
Don’t presume you will be able to say it tomorrow'

But the words of the troubled are always ignored by those who are arrogant

So you stand before me again today, expecting my low esteem to be consistant
I look exactly the same as I did yesterday
I’m wearing the same clothes, the same shoes, the same sun kissed skin
But yet you do not recognise who I am
You are in a state of confusion, your emotional energy is forcing you to be humble
This person who you are so used to bringing down is now above you
This person who you would look down on, you must look up to
This person is no longer broken
Because today, I am armed with the wisdom and confidence from my creator.
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