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Third Chapter - My experiences.

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My Life - The Troublemakers:
This is the third episode of my series, I have recently completely changed my way of traveling due to my new Job, which I didn't like before but now I am much comfortable.

I have to use a bus or a car because no one can walk to this area! Trust me that's impossible.

However, I take this daily 8.30 am bus to my workplace. It is a small nice minibus that seems to come on time (miracle!). Since many days I have been boarding this bus, People who travel in this bus are mostly the same.

Now I have this filthy habit of observing various kinds of people that use the bus. I have till now observed many types of People and classified them. I might make a hub on that to one day!

Now, This Peculiar guy, a Youngman around thirties, dark haired, faired skinned, thin guy which small eyes that are covered with specs also catches this bus daily. Well Almost daily. Usually the bus is crowded because of the Peak Time and this guy has to travel standing.

On the first day when I observe him, I noticed that he likes to stand near the door but doesn't want to get down soon enough. So the people who really wanted to get down had a tough time passing through the door. Soon people started getting agitated of him and asked him to step ‘aside.'

What would be his reaction? That was what astonished me a lot!

Instead of stepping aside and letting people get down from the bus, he face turned granite and stared at the elderly man who spoke to him. He told him in our native language that "Ok Ok what's the hassle?"

It was obvious that the man was either looking to pick up a fight or was in a bad mood. The elderly man had no time for this and got down instantly.

Ok, this was one day. On the next day when I was again traveling by the same bus, again this guy stood near the door and reacted the same way.

Then it was my turn, a few days back when I got up to get down from the bus this guy stood right in the middle of my path. I thought of passing him through the right, but there was no space and then I thought of left, an aged guy stood there, I didn't want to trouble him. I looked behind; many people were waiting to get down from the bus. So, I did it. I tapped my index finger on his shoulder; he briskly turned around making that same face.

"Do you have to get down?" I asked him.


"Will you please move aside?" I told him.

"The bus stop is very far... Just wait!" He said angrily.

I knew this guy was nuts, either he had a bad household or he hated what he did.

The bus stop neared, until and until the bus didn't come to a complete halt the man didn't move. Then I got down followed by the rest of the people.

Well, one thing did happen that day, the driver was watching this guy and scolded him and told him that if he would do something again, he will throw him out of the bus!

The next day when I again took the bus he was no where to be seen. Since that day onwards mine and everyone on that bus, traveling in that bus and getting down had become much easier.

I had totally forgotten about him when one day I had to go to see my niece and had to take a bus to the city, there is stood again on the door blocking path of everyone who wanted to get down....

Some things don't change... Do they?

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