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Strange behavior from a pig (Daily Flash Fiction entry)
The Farmer's Pig

There once was a farmer, who had some chickens, some cows, and a somewhat unusual pig.  The pig was unusual, because he liked to follow the farmer around, when he tended to the cows, and would help herd them back to the barn.  Even more amazing, was the way it also guarded the farmer's little garden.  If any of the cows wandered over to try and eat the flowers, the pig would race over and chase it away.  Because of all this, the farmer's little granddaughter had named the pig "Moo Shoo".

One night, two men walked quietly through the pasture to the barn, opened the door and went inside.  There, they tied a rope around two of the cows and began leading them out.  They had recently escaped from jail, and were in desperate need of money.  So, they had stolen a truck and trailer and parked them a little way up the road.  They were planning to take the cows to the next town and sell them, then leave the state.

Moo Shoo heard the cows crossing the barnyard and came out of his pen to see what they were up to.  Upon seeing the men, Moo Shoo grunted once and then charged.  Grunting and squealing, he chased the men all around the barnyard, and even managed to step on one of their feet, before they fled into the night.  Awakened by the commotion, the farmer called the sheriff, and the thieves were soon behind bars once again, one of them wearing a cast on his right foot.

The moral of the story?  Unless it's on a plate, Moo Shoo Pork can be hazardous to your health.

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