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This is my personnel experience of, remember the good old days.
When it comes to writing I'm old school. Give me a pen or pencil and paper, I'll take them any day. It's my comfort zone. There's something about the feel of the paper in my hands see it fill with words that I find soothing. I don't get that kind of feeling from a computer screen. What I do get is irritated eyes that need drops because I spent too much time staring at the screen.
Even before posting this I wrote it out on paper. For one thing I can't type as fast as I can write. I just got to the point that I can focus long enough to write stuff down. Another way of to say it is I can just about write as fast as I can think. Yes well I think it sounds better that way. I'm no hunt and peck typer but I certainly don't have to worry about burning up my keyboard and having to replace it.
Writing it out gives me the ability to slow things down I guess. It gives me time to describe a scene, kinda like I'm building it. The written words are my hammer, nails screws and paint. I came put different wording together side by side and see which way I like best. It suits my style too. I write like I speak so punctuation and runons are my achilles heel. Sorry I don't speak in complete sentences with all the periods and commas in place. That is one thing I do hope to work on here.
One good thing about computers............spell check.
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