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The warm oranges and passionate reds in our life's work
As we all paint our lives
something we find is our fire
heat that gives us our life

Whether it's the rose and crimson that love carries
orange's of drive pushing through adversity
Flashes of brighter shades in dreams or love
to enjoy life truly, we must paint with it.

Let someone discover the love for another
slower colors of roses in bloom, of sakura in spring
kiss with it in mind and let whomever know
that they warm your heart, and light your way together

Dreams give us that flicker of inner light
Orange glowing from us showing our mission in life
the light burns hope in dark eyes and pushes us to legend
unfickle flames warming our life coloring our cheeks

Reds and oranges mix and spin as our lives come in view
the burning desire within and the deep love leading
paints our hearts and strokes our fires
like a sunset in our life
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