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Sunrise Class: Extra Assignment for Fitnes Forum
I am well aware of the importance of the title to a work. I am dismayed by the number of students who can't understand the importnace in title. I have finally resorted to deducting 20 points from their grade if they have no title or they use one like My Story. Having a good title is not an accident. I have chosen to consider reading many books by the titles and then checked out the information on the back. Sometimes I read by authors, but a good title can hook a reader everytime.

I have had lots of trouble titling some pieces. Others, I just know. Sometimes the titles come to me quickly or maybe as I am on the fifth edit of a piece before they make their presence known. The most difficult time I had naming a piece was the one now entitled "Snow in June". I sought help from my wdc friends and we just couldn't come up with a suitable one. Suggestions were: The Origin of the Couch Potato, Excitement on Spruce Street, The Queen Gets Her Crown, The Wonderful Fifties, and June 1, 1953. I just didn't feel good about any of them and finally chose "Snow in June". I would love your comments on my choice on this one.

My "Ouija Board Caper" kept this name from 3-25-92 until about two years ago. This piece has made me a bit of money. It has been published several places and won some contests. Every time I read it, however, I noticed that I had used the words "the Ouija said" several times in the story and changed it. I hoped the Ouija word would bring in readers. I have been surprised by how many people that tell me they had some experiences with a Oiuja board too. This is another story I would be interested in knowing another's opinion on.

The other story I really don't like the title to is my story about the teachers' visit to Rome. It was first named, "They Make Taxis, Don't They?" and now it is "Beware of Taxis". Neither of these thrill me. The first one must have been a take-off on the title of the movie, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?. The second one seems to fit the story a bit better, but I think there is still a great one out there. Do you have it? I need it.

I have had reviewers suggest titles for my pieces on two ocassions and I used their suggesions each time. I value my reviewers and the suggestions they make both about titles and how the stories are written. I do listen to them and I do use many suggestions. I think I have become a better writer because of them.

I will be going over my titles and thinking about them over the next few days. For the most part, I am satisfied with the titles I have chosen, but I am always open to better ideas. So, don't be shy. Give me a hollar!

 Snow in June  (E)
The first SNOW I ever saw.
#1473467 by Rixfarmgirl

The Ouija Said.......  (E)
Incident from my life as a Buffalo Bills' wife
#983100 by Rixfarmgirl

 Beware of Roman Taxis  (E)
Three naive, middle-aged school teachers from Arkansas try to visit Rome, Italy.
#1474158 by Rixfarmgirl
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