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Something I wrote during an all-nighter... Sorry if parts don't make sense.
The Friend

Dylan Barbee

The friend this is something that as a guy we always dread to hear; especially when it is from a girl we really like. When a guy hears this it generally means you stand no chance of ever dating them, however, if you are one of the guys who hear this it doesn’t mean give up hope. Though your chances with the girl might be dead it gives you the prime spot to work on something very few of us guys ever actually pay enough attention to… learning how different girls tick. You won’t learn the secret about all girls (though it would be much nicer for all of us) you will, however, learn how to handle a girl in various circumstances that we as guys don’t quite understand why it’s such a big deal.

Now guys keep in mind that being the friend is something that will take awhile to actually get use to, and even after you finally get the grasp of it there will be times you will get upset with it and may hurt the development we just have to learn patience. Once you get some practice you like I did will find that just listening to them talk about random things and helping with problems will eventually help you; it might be with your wife or girlfriend but being the friend is very helpful in the long run.

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