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This is a rhyming poem about a child who has to go to yard sales.
Yard Sale

I’d just as soon be put in jail,
Than go with Mom to another yard sale.
She wouldn’t let me stay alone.
That’s the reason I’m not at home.

She drove along a two lane road,
Knowing I was about to explode.
When she saw a yard sale sign,
She said, “This sale will do just fine!”

Mom parked the car and jumped out fast.
I knew that she would have a blast.
I sat there grumbling to myself,
Acting like a spoiled, little elf.

Mom called for me to come and see,
Then she held up a piece of jewelry.
I had to laugh at her expression,
As she picked up each item in succession.

I couldn’t resist just a little peek,
So I hopped from the car a treasure to seek.
The tables were full of odds and ends.
I found myself looking at books and pens.

All around were clothes and ties,
But nothing really caught my eyes.
I picked things up, then put them down.
I was ready to go back to our hometown.

Just as I started to head to our car,
I heard a growl that said, “Stop where you are!”
Two cute little puppies were having a war,
They pulled and pulled till the sock finally tore.

A man smiled happily and said just to me,
“Both of those puppies can go home for free.”
I couldn’t believe it could possibly be true!
Would my mom let me have a puppy or two?

Before I could ask, Mom smiled down at me.
Those puppies, my child, I wanted you to see.
I thought you’d like to have a pet.
This man and his pups I’ve already met.

It took a few moments to get the whole picture.
My Mom had tricked me into seeing this mixture.
My arms were around them as quick as could be.
The puppies’ long tongues just kept licking at me.

Ever since then when my mom spies a sale,
I remember my puppies each wagging a tail.
Yard sales aren’t bad, I finally conceded.
You’ll find things you never even knew you needed!

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