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A short piece on me....because 500 characters isn't enough for a bio-block. =]

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    My name is Nichole Sauve and I'm an aspiring artist of some kind.  My whole life has been and still is a prelude to my future success (Hopefully).  I started out drawing and eventually attended art schools for a short time.  While most were sketching stick legged horses I was well on my way to precise detail, as precise as a 7yr old + could anyways.  Then something happened.  An artist’s block perhaps?, mixed with a need to blossom in other creativeness?  I had dropped drawing and picked up a little bit of everything: Arts n Crafts, collages, sewing, crochet, instruments (which I never have time to play and lack skill to any one in particular) and eventually, or in reality all along the way, writing.  I even have a fetish for photography, which I personally find to coincide nicely with writing (more like picture crazy with a crappy cell phone camera because I lack the money and time for anything of real value).

    The dramatic change could also have been due to the fact that I was young, or from the loss of my portfolio after attending my last academy.  A part of me lost forever. Sometime in the middle of all of this I unknowingly picked up the writers side of me (inherited from many parts of my family).  I can't be too sure exactly when this happened.  After the last Academy I attended, Grand Traverse Academy, MI, I moved to Florida.  Although it was beautiful and some time living in the middle of Alligator Alley* also played a role in my love for nature, I was about 10 or 11 yrs old and moving out of state just wasn't on my agenda, especially since I was more of a northern girl and loved to spend my time in the great outdoors of Michigan.  This is when some of the first writings began to appear in my life.  They were poems.  Although these were the first writings I clearly remember, there was an even more significant chapter of my life before this.  I remember a time in 5th grade, talking to my teacher about ideas I had for a book or book(s).  I will not tell you silly details, but it was a very important lead up, I'm sure, to writings in high school (which revolved around animal fantasy), and even now as I pursue writing horror/suspense. 

      Once I graduated highschool I was so absorbed in living life in different aspects of my life that I had put the pen down for awhile, only picking it up in the next two to three years for a quick jot of a poem (one of my fav's) while relaxing on a late summers day.  Now here I am, regreting letting go of something I truly enjoyed.  I wanted to pick the pen back up and I wanted to find a site where I felt safe with my work and could become active in the community.  As I searched for a site I came across WDC, and from there my story continues to grow. *Smile*

I have taken English, Advanced Sophmore English, Advanced Junior English, Journalism 1, Novels, Short stories, Composition writing, Creative writing, Poetry, and even have my poem "Winter's Asylum" published in Reflections: A Collection of Short Works (solicitation).  But none of this comes close to my full life goals. 

* Alligator Alley: Only highway or road running through the everglades.  Goes straight through, connecting Ft. Lauderdale to Naples.
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