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This is about the cons of being a hero (the main character) in a story.
A Hero's Pain is the inflictions that a person may face. It could be emotional, mentally, socially, or a physical pain. The hero is the noble person in the story who deserves more then what they are having or going through. THEY deserve more, We deserve more. My pain is emotionally and socially. Its not that im not happy, its just that im not satisfied. Im tired of feeling so loney. Im tired of going to bed alone (lol) Im tired of conceded friends. Im tired of living at home. I want my OWN place. I want my OWN car. Im tired of doing things for firiends and they later take advantafe of me. I want to be CHERISHED. I want to be LOVED. I know i cant have it all, but sometimes i need it all. I keep wishing for the big things. I NEED to start wishing for the easy things. But I just need to endure my trails. Thats all we need to do. I need to learn to be satsfied. I need to adapt. I need to endure a ''HERO'S PAIN''.
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