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This story is SciFi not real, it is based on the toy Transformers by Hasbro.

This story is about how I think the beginning of cybertron race (the transformers) began.

This story is a retelling of what may of happened at the beginning of cybertron, its not based of the original characters and original series.

Chapter One
The Beginning.

Billions of years ago an acient tribe of mechanical robots discovered a planet rich of energon that they needed to survive. The leader of this race Omega Prime wanted his tribe to have a happy and prosful life on this new planet, that he named Cybertron.

Many years went by and life on Cybertron was a good one, all the Cybertronians lived in harmany and all got on, just what Omega Prime wanted for his people. Until one inperticular Cybertronian had other ideas in mind.

This Cybertronian went by the name of Megatron who hated the way of life on Cybertron, he wanted it for himself and wanted to destroy all good on the planet. He had plans of taking over Cybertron by killing Omega Prime. To do this he had to find others that shared the same desires of destruction.

So Megatron created the faction called the decepticons, the decepticons were the military of cybertron who had the weapons to protect Cybertron from attacks. So Megatrons plan was now on its way.

'' My people this planet shall be our new home, please enjoy and live in harmony'', ''!!Yeah!! Shouted the people, ''Ha, ha, ha, foolish Omega Prime, he thinks I Megatron is going to live in harmony, ha, know way, I must find others the love the thrill of destruction to join my conquest''.

Megatron was ruthless he cared very little about the people of Cybertron and the innocent he destroyed, he was a discrace to the Cybertronians, and no one knew of his rise of destruction.


'' !!! OMEGA PRIME NO !!! '', Said the guard, Omega Prime laid dead upon the ground with Megatron stood beside a now lifeless body with the spark of Omega Prime clutched in his hand.

Megatron turned towards the guard an evil smile upon his face, he decleared he was now ruler of Cybertron.

'' Go now and tell all of Cybertron that I lord Megatron shall sweep through this planet until there is nothing left but snoke and ash '', Said Megatron.

There was know hope for Cybertron now as Megatron and his army would reduce it to ash and rubble unless a savour could be found. That savour would come in the form of a last surviving Prime, who did not yet know of the great destiny that laid before him.

'' Optimus Prime you stand before us today in this time of need to discuse your destiny in the Primes '', Said the council.

Optimus stood sturn looking up towards the council, the council was made up of three of the oldest men of Cybertron, there was over 500 billion years of history between them, they had witnessed countless wars, countless battles, many homes destroyed.

''Thank you council, I am priviledged to be invited into the history of my ancesters'', ''but I must dicline you kind offer as I do not think I am well suited, as I am a mere scientist and have know battle experience'', ''On the outside I may be a Prime, but on the inside I am not'' Said Optimus,

'' Very well then Optimus Prime, we are desperate for a savour, and you are the only Cybertronian with the leadership we need to get out of this horrible situation'', ''we urge you to reconsider and become a commander of the next generation of young Autobots, but we need your word'', Replied The Council,

''Well you leave me much to think about council, please grant me one day to think it over, and you will get your word'', Said Optimus,

'' We the council here by give you one day, as we are desperate and have know time for silly games, go now Optimus Prime and think of what was said here today and save Cybertron from this evil threat'', Replied The Council,

''Thank you council'', Said Optimus.

Could this be a chance for Cybertron to be brought back from oblivion, Optimus Prime is the only one who can stop this evil threat and once more bring peace to Cybertron.

Chapter Two.
Rise Commander Prime.

Cybertrons fate was hanging in the balance, a savoure was needed and that savoure was Optimus Prime, all hope would be lost if he declined the offer of the council. That would be catastropic for Cybertron.

'' Optimus sir, your needed at the high council'', Said a servent, ''Yes thank you, I'm coming. Replied Optimus.

Optimus stud up and looked out on the now burning planet, that once was rich with beauty, all gone, it brought sadness to Prime, or maybe a sence of pride, then followed the servant to the high council to let them know his answer.

''Optimus Prime we the council have granted you one day to think about our proposal, what is your answer'', ''I thought about your proposal high council, and thank you for it, and I would be proud to lead the Autobots and save whats left of Cybertron,
and stop Megatrons Evil Reign, Said Prime,

'' Excellent Optimus, we all thank you for your brave discission, you will be incharge of making up your team of Autobots, and we wish you well in this horrible situation we are in'' Replied the council,

''Thank you council, I will choose well and defend our planet in the best way I can'' Said Prime.

This was fantastic news, Prime stud from his knees and bowed to the council, he was full of pride, and his next task was to find young determined worriors to help him get Cybertron back.

''Cybertron'', Shouted Prime, as he stud on a very high peak, '' I Optimus Prime have been given a very important task, the protection of all that is good on this planet'', he continued, '' the high council have elected me as the new Autobot Commander, I have been instructed to pick any brave young or elder Cybertronians to fight along side me, to save Cybertron from Megatron and his cronies, I will give you one day to reply to my plee, I will return here tomorrow at noon and I hope some brave ones of you stood before me now will be here,

''I understand you will be scared, and also unsure this mission will work, but we have to try !! FOR CYBERTRON'' Shouted Prime, rising his fist in the air, as a response all the Cybertronians beneath him applauded him and cheered, this brought a great Pride to Optimus.

Prime thought hard through out the night of a good stratergy to over through Megatron and his Decepticon forces, it wasn't easy and there could be many young Cybertronians struck down in there youth and many experienced Cybertronians who work in our science labs and schools that would also perish, this was something that had to be taken into consideration, the future of Cybertron was upmost priority.

One day pasted and Optimus went to the high peak to see if anyone had thought of his plee. There was nobody there, this brought sadness to Prime, but also the determination to keep trying and not give up.

As Prime started to turn to walk away, a small voice shouted ''HEY'', Prime turned suddenly and there was a young yellow Cybertronian looking right up at him.

''Who are you'' Shouted Prime, '' My name is Bumblebee, but my friends call me Bumble'' Replied the young Cybertronian, ''Okay and what is your purpose here, have you actually considered my propsal'' Said PrimeYes I have I have a bit of self defense but I need more to become a warrior'' Said the young Cybertronian in an upbeat manner,

''Okay I will consider your answer and you must spread the word of this to others you know and try to get more people interested. go now and thank you Autobot'' Replied Prime, ''Oh Thank You so much, you won't regret it'', Said the yound determined Cybertronian, ''Then meet here again at 7 Cyber Time and we will talk over my plan of over throughing Megatron and also making others interested'', Replied Prime, '' Yes I will be here, and thanks again'' Said the young Cybertronian.

More Soon.....


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