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This piece is about a persons needs and wants.
This note is about a persons wants & needs. Both factions are vital in order to be happy. You may have an successful job, and NICE house, a SWEET car, and ALOT of money in the bank. But still, without that one person in your life, that one special person, all your other accomplishments wont even matter. Well thats my problem. I have just about eveything a person can cask for. A few dollars in my pocket, a nice supporting family. Loving friends and family. But without that one person that makes you feel special, it feels like nothing.


I mean whats the point of having the world when you cant share it with no one?

Whats the point of having a million dollars when you cant spend it on someone?

Whats the point of having a house and a home when you are all alone?

Whats the point of having a KING sizes bed when you dont have a queen to share it with?

Well, im tire of having ''nothing''. I want it ALL! I want everything. Dream house, dream car, dream job, dream ''WOMAN''. Fellows, theres a difference between a ''girl'' and a ''woman''. I Have been content with what i have. But nowadys, being content isnt enough. You have to have it ALL!
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