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The inner thoughts of a vampire before he takes a victim...
You are awakened. You can sense that I am in the room with you. A certain presence, this is undeniable. You remain silent as if you'd expect that I just simply leave you. Your fate is sealed, as I have come for a reason. Your beating heart, begins to pain as blood surges through your supple veins. As I caress my hand along the inside of your leg, you feel intrigued. Guilt and sin attempt to enter your mind, but you enjoy it, my touch. You enjoy it, so you do not scream and try to chain me. Although, you couldn't defeat me if you tried. Pure pleasure sends you into a deep trance. You are helpless, with your life in my hands. The rustic scent of your blood drives me further into a frenzy. An uncontrollable drive for blood. A thirst that can't be quenched. I shall not attempt to fight it, this will only cause the blood lust to grow. As our passion ignites, I grasp a hold of your neck. You stare deeply into my soulless eyes, where there is nothing. I embrace your neck with my teeth. As I drain you dry, my thirst dissipates. Your body grows cold, lacking pigment, lacking life. I return to the night, awaiting to find another, for when the hunger grows stronger.

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