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Connie wonders if she can trust her instincts and if she should join Candy's Carnival.

I grabbed my backpack by my door and started throwing cloths in it without thinking. All that I knew was I had to get out of the building. I had to run. I didn’t know why, but I had to get out.

I swung my backpack my shoulders and ran to the kitchen. Mama kept $360 hidden in a secret compartment behind the casement that held Father’s gun and knives.

I noticed the long, sharp, sword-like knife was conveniently missing. I knew then and there Father killed his “witch” wife; I could be next. I had to leave now.

I ran to the front door and put my hand on the doorknob. I heard heavy breathing behind me and wheeled around to see Father, tall, dark and dangerous watching me. He was holding the knife.

“Are you going to leave me, too, Connie?” he asked.

“I might,” I said cautiously.

Father took a step towards me.

Mother appeared out of thin air right behind Father. Her blond hair looked dark brown. She was wearing her favorite white silk nightgown which was oddly dulled to a sickly light brown. Mother’s skin was a few shades darker than cyan.

“Run, Connie! Get out of here!” Mother shouted, her voice sounded out of whack, as if she were speaking from a distance. My eyes widened as she disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared.

I could tell by Father’s eyes that he hadn’t seen or heard Mother.

I quickly decided to take Mother’s advice. I ran out the door. Father was right behind me. But I was faster, stronger even.

I jumped behind the house and hid behind the car. I heard Father run past me.

I stood up and ran into the street. I had no idea where I was going to go.

I ran for hours. Every step I took felt like four; I had to stop soon or I would faint.

I paused by the roadside to catch my breath. The cars on the highway whizzed past me. They were completely ignorant of the fact I needed help. I stood there for about ten minutes before a large, dark red van with the words “Candy’s Carnival” on the side stopped in front of me.

A woman got out of the car and approached me; I watched her cautiously. There was no telling what she wanted.

“Can I help you?” The woman asked. She sounded genuinely concerned.

“Maybe . . .” I said. I let my sentence carry to show I didn’t know her or trust her.

She eyed my torn up skirt and blouse.

“Are you hurt?” she asked.

I could tell now that she was worried about me.

“You do carnival?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Honey, were are you from?” The woman was clearly losing patience.

“Some place I can never return.”

The woman smiled.

“Do you have any talents?”

I hesitated. It she was inviting me to join her carnival; but how much could I tell her?

“Yes, I’m a psychic,” I answered. I half expected the woman to laugh at me.

“So I see. My name is Candy Chart. I have a carnival for people who can’t be accepted in normal situations. My carnival is a home for people who can’t be known by ‘closed minded’ people.”

“You’re running away. Don’t bother denying it,” Candy Chart said as I opened my mouth, “I can tell. I can also tell you need help.”

“Who will know of this?” I asked.

“Not the cops or whomever you are running from,” Candy assured me.

“Well, okay, I’ll come,” I said after a second’s hesitation.

“Excellent. Let me put your bag in the trunk.” Candy took my pack and put it in the van.

I opened the side door and entered the van. All the seats were taken.

Is this some trick? I thought.

Everybody was staring curiously at me. There were several acrobats, a strong man, two teenagers dressed as magicians, several clowns, a man dressed in a suit with a wooden dummy sitting on his knee, some belly dancers, and a lion tamer.

It must be some strange custom. I thought as I noticed most of the people had painted their skin a dark cyan color.

All the people with their skin painted cyan disappeared. I immediately recognized them as ghosts.

“Here, sweetheart, come sit by me,” one of the two magicians said.

I smiled and walked over to him. I sat in the seat beside him. It had been occupied by the ghost with the dummy.

“Hello,” I said politely.

“Hi, what’s your name?” the boy asked.

“Connie,” I answered.

“That’s a nice name. Mine’s Richard Lieman. This dweeb,” Richard said pointing at the other magician, “Is my twin brother Fredrick.”

“Pleased to meet you both.”

“Seat belt, please!” Candy said from the drivers seat.

“Oh, right,” I said as I looked for the buckle. I had found the belt.

“Here it is, Connie,” Richard said.

“Thanks, Richard,” I said as I buckled myself in.

“Call me Rick,” Rick said a smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

I had to admit, I had fallen head over heel for Rick after only a few minutes.

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