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A letter to a Newbie whose portfolio impressed me.
Hi Stifled Dreamer

I shall admit that what first drew me to your port was your intriguing handle. I also suffered the same disillusionment, frustrated by my inability to quench my compulsive need to read and write. So here I was feeling restless, my wild and unrestrained muse forever inciting my fingers to dance on the keyboard of my laptop, when I stumbled upon WDC. Thrilled, I dived into this treasure chest of infotainment, convinced that I had struck a goldmine. Still not recovered from the excitement of my discovery, I came across a group with the curios name of the Paper Doll Gang (the PDG). I am so fortunate that they initiated me into its esteemed ranks. Life has never been the same since then.

The PDG is the roadmap which helps you negotiate the complex curves and baffling bends of WDC, till you reach its secret lockers. No, it doesn’t stop there. This forum then breathes into your ears the esoteric chants which open the doors of the hallowed vaults and you step in to embrace the world of knowledge which is what the WDC is. Without the PDG, I would not have been aware of even half the features of this site.

In the PDG you will meet some outstanding mentors, insightful judges and remarkably astute and fiercely competitive classmates. You will be handheld through all the amazing features and benefits of this site. There will be contests galore where your creative and writing skills will be tested to the core. You have to be prepared for a minimum 4 hours of work every week. There is one caveat though; the challenges can be involved and grueling, but let me assure you that they are also loads of fun, not to mention the abundant opportunities to score GPs, earn Merit Badges and win Awardicons.

You make great friends on this forum. You will be paired with one of your classmates for the Campfire activity. I speak from my personal experience that the PDG has become my extended family and I cherish all the relationships here. When I faced some personal crisis, the entire PDG rallied behind me in manner which was unbelievably heartwarming and incredibly encouraging.

The following items on my port would not have been possible but for the rigorous coaching in these classes. You will find all of them housed in my folder "The Paper Doll Gang [13+].

*Check* In and Out

*Check* Guest Book

*Check* Poetry

*Check* Campfire

*Check* Review Tool

*Check* Short Stories

*Check* Query Letter

The new session begins on the 1st of June and goes up to 30th of Sep. I have browsed through your port and believe that you have a lot of talent. It does need a little polishing though (we all do *Smile*) and I would urge you to pay a visit to our homepage. It will be time well spent.

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#1510308 by Hannah ♫♥♫

I am sure that someone as intelligent as you will surely seize this opportunity. The following is a link to the admission form.

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Meanwhile, you can already start practicing here.(See how thoughtful the mentors are!)

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. While I would be delighted if you enroll, it is not an obligatory. My only appeal to you is to visit our site, spend some time on it, evaluate carefully and then decide.The link is here.
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Please use item #1630911.
#1510308 by Hannah ♫♥♫

Lastly, as a small gesture from the PDG, I have reviewed your item "A New Dawn [13+]. You may access it at Review of "A New Dawn" . I hope you find it useful.



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