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An American Mom

My son carries a photo of the day the towers fell
as he crouches near a bunker in a sandy windblown hell.
He's over there doing what he feels he needs to do
to protect our constitution, --to protect both me and you.

My daughter's been in the navy since 9/11 voiced the call.
She remembers how she felt that day when she saw the towers fall.
One day she sent an email after standing on an Iraqi beach
wondering if the voices raised in protest know she protects their right to speech.

I'm an American mom and I sit here alone
worrying about my children so far away from home.
I'm an American mom and as proud as I can be
of my children out fighting so we can all stay free.

I'm an American veteran, I did my duty too
as did my Granddad and father in World Wars One and Two.
I'm an American mom--just a link in the chain
of moms that have prayed or shared in our children's pain.

Alongside of their coffins I never want to stand
and have their country's flag placed folded in my hand.
But if that day should arrive, I'll stand there straight and true
proud of what's inside them and why they did what they had to do.

I'll always remember that blue September sky
turned black with smoke and hatred when my friends and neighbors died.
I'll always remember the flag raised in the dust
and the heros who died helping as they did what they must.

I'm an American mom to every soldier over there
who upholds ideals of freedom that we at home all share.
I'm an American mom and I believe fervently
our troops believe in what they do 'cause freedom isn't free.

Since the day when tea was floated out in Boston Bay
or when our flag was sighted above the bombing fray,
since the day the beach was pounded by ten thousand running feet
or when a soldier breathed his last in rice-paddy-ed humid heat

America's children have fought both brave and true
and I honor all they've done--I remember. Question is-- do you?
I'm an American Mother I'm a soldier's mom to the core
I serve here at home while they fight on farthest shore.

It isn't easy and it isn't fun
yet those American daughters and American sons
know deep in their hearts the need to take that stand.
Something about being American--it ends in the words, I can.

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