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A little boy's adventure on Halloween after being separated from his friends
One Scary Night

He walked down the street, bag clutched tightly in his hand
Separated from his friends, he tried to be ‘a man’
He stifled the sobs that came up unbidden,
He was scared and afraid, of things still hidden

A stop had been made at the Robinsons’ place
The yard had been scary, so away they’d raced
But he tripped over a branch and tumbled to the ground
His bag had torn; spilled its contents all around

By the time he had his treasures recovered
His friends were long gone, to places yet discovered
A vampire had startled him, a witch cast a spell
What kind it was, he couldn’t tell

Frankenstein offered to show him the way,
If he went with him, he might not see the next day
He saw more creatures than he had ever seen,
And wished he hadn’t gotten lost on this Halloween

Something took his arm and turned him about
A werewolf had grabbed him, was opening its mouth
He finally lost it, and screamed out loud,
Then found he was surrounded by a small crowd

As the werewolf’s mouth opened it emitted a chuckle
For it was his best friend, Pinky Arbuckle
The rest of the crowd were Kathy, Steve, Penny, and Jenn
They’d finally found him, and saved him again

Jimmy the ‘Ghost’ was always off track
It seems getting lost was his personal knack
But that’s how it is when you’re only five
His friends were a bit older, Steve was nine

Back home again he felt safe and sound
Sat and emptied his bag, spread it around
His mother commented that he had a lot there
He told her of getting lost, how no one had cared

She explained to him that he was very wrong,
That she followed behind him all along
She made sure he was safe, never in danger
Not taken by a Werewolf, nor a stranger

He knew she was right in all that she said
Then hugged her close, and went right to bed
With Jimmy tucked in, his eyes closed tight
She hopped on her broom, and whisked off in the night

Jim Dorrell
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