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by Sum1
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Meeting a special old friend at the mall during the holiday rush
Meeting Him

The old man sat on the bench, watching the crowd
He never said much, at least not aloud
His eyes dart here, then just over there,
I wonder who he’s looking for, I’d ask if I dared

I slowly walked the miles separating us two,
Miles? It was far less; I’ll swear miles til I’m blue
I sat down near him, took a close look at his face,
So rugged, yet gentle, with wrinkles like lace

He felt my stare; saw me looking at him
And said, “G’day, how are you Jim?”
My mouth dropped open as he mentioned my name
“You know me, but forgive me, I can’t say the same”

“I’ve known you since you were a child so small,
I watched as you and your sister skated down the hall
I saw you play music in school, French horn and Trombone
You’ve not had many friends, but you’ve never been alone.”

I sat there surprised, for all he’d said was true
“How do you know all this? For I’m sure I don’t know you.”
I looked closer at him, afraid I was wrong in what I'd said,
He smiled at me, leaned against the bench and said, “Go ahead."

"Relax Jim, think back, let your mind free,
You’re not the only one who’s forgotten me
But few who’ve forgotten ever see me here
You know I’m with you, throughout the year”

I did my best to think of friends from school
Then my mind went blank, I felt quite the fool
He looked at me again, a smile on his face,
“It’s fine Jim, I’m the one who’s out of place.”

He rose from the bench and stretched his arms to the side
Looked around at the crowd, and my eyes opened wide
For I now knew this man, his name and his past
I couldn’t say it aloud, in a spell I seemed cast

He glanced down and saw the knowledge in my eyes
“I knew you’d get it, now we must say our goodbyes”
I stood next to him, looking at the holiday rush
I felt his hand on my shoulder, in a hug I was crushed

I held him tightly, and heard a whisper in my ear,
“Jim, I see your heart is full of holiday cheer.”
I started to say his name, but knew there was no need
Replied, “That it is kind sir, full of love indeed”

He turned and walked away, head held high
Next thing he was gone in the blink of an eye
Then I heard bells ringing and a soft ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’
And I knew just where it was I had to go

Shopping I went, max’d out all my cards,
I got gifts for all, used all my rewards
But the best gift of all was given to me,
The day I met Santa, on Christmas Eve.

Jim Dorrell
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